My heartfelt congratulations to you and the AMUST Team on the publication once more of the Australasian Muslim Times. It is a superb newspaper and should indeed be read by many Australians of all backgrounds and religions in order to understand and appreciate the fellow Australians who are Muslims and who are contributing so very much to our country.

The first edition published on 4 July is very interesting. Headlines speak of Australian journalist Peter Greste and his very moving message from prison in Egypt.
There is also a very moving Ramadan message from the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Muhammad.

Also thank you so much for publishing my poem ‘The Muslim Contribution to Australia. which indeed is a great contribution. Having met so many Muslims over the years both here and in the Arab world I find them always to be so very hospitable, generous and creative – their poetry superb.

I look forward so very much to seeing many Muslims again at MEFF on 10 August.

Anne Fairbairn AM
Sydney, NSW.