I was very pleased to obtain the first copy of the reborn Australasian Muslim Times, AMUST. I have been interested to read it.

You will need political skills , as well as writing skills and business skills, a mammoth task and I wish you great success.

I specially liked the editorial, especially “While mainstream media highlights only negative news regarding Islam and Muslims, AMUST will share the good news, Positive developments in the community.” (AMUST Issue#104, 4 July 2014).

It’s not only news about the Muslim community that’s more negative than positive. These days I often turn off the ABC radio news . It’s all about murders, wars, political disagreements.

Alan de Bouton, a popular philosopher has recently written a book “The News” that sets out how the news could be made more positive and interesting. I have a copy and have enjoyed reading it. I am sure you will enjoy reading it too.

I wish the AMUST Team great success.

Professor Stewart Truswell
Sydney, NSW.