“We are you campaign”

The NSW Police want to let our Community know that “We are YOU”

We are Part of the Community. Some of us live and work here; our families, our children, mothers; fathers; brothers; sisters; grandparents, aunts and uncles are all part of this place we call home, we want the same thing you want a ‘safe future’ for those we love”.

Our message is very clear – we need your help- if you see something, it’s ok to ‘Say’ something- did you know you can make a report to crime stoppers anonymously? Your identity will not be given to anyone, but the information you provide could help in solving some of our recent crimes. The number is 1800 333 000.

Did you know you can ring your local police station and confidentially speak to a Multicultural Community Liaison Officer, who is not a police officer but who can LISTEN and work with the Fairfield Police in following up information you have provided, the number is 97288407.

Fairfield Police have a confidential phone line, you can ring and leave your information in your own language, you don’t need to leave your contact details, you just leave your message and the information you provide will be translated into English. The phone number is 97288444.

Coffee with a Cop

As part of the “We are You” campaign, implemented in 2012, Fairfield Police are seeking to minimise the perception that there is a separation between Police and the community. Fairfield Police Officers want to manage cultural diversity issues so that there is no negative impact during interaction between the community and police. Coffee with a cop involves Police and community members coming together and enjoying an informal neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships increase trust, and drink a cup of coffee together.

On Friday 8th August at 10am come along to Bonnyrigg Plaza Shopping Centre food court and enjoy of Coffee with a Cop in a relaxed atmosphere where officers from Fairfield will be engaging with the community.

Contacting Police


For reporting a crime in progress, a life threatening situation or other emergency. 24 hour service