The Australia Nasheed & Arts Academy (ANAA) is an institution providing Aboriginal arts classes, halal ballet, daff and many more dance classes at Bankstown Arts Centre, Sydney.

ANAA is uniting the local community of in an Islamic educational environment with high moral standards. The main idea is to fill the gap in the recreational space for the youth and the diverse community in Western Sydney.

The ANAA aims to inspire young people to aspire to dream and exercise their right to express themselves creatively through arts no matter what religion or race. ANAA meet the needs of the local multicultural community in providing a foundation for the lifelong skills, fitness, emotional and physical wellbeing of our children and to increase positive aspects of multicultural arts to the youth and the wider community.

Success – ANAA have received enormous support from the community in increased number of students attending. With a humble beginning of 5 classes in 2013, ANAA have grown to an incredible 20 classes per week in the coming Term 3 this year to cater towards the numbers from interested members of the community.

ANAA, have worked with a number of prominent organisations such as One 4 Kids and Mercy Mission Australia and many of ANAA students have continued to participate in competitions around Australia as well as being recognized by the Sydney Youth Writing Competition in Parliament House and one was featured in a Zain Bhaika documentary. ANAA cooperates in partnership with our community, local authority and schools to gain many more achievements for their present and future students for the benefit of the community.

Aboriginal Art Classes – ANAA’s intention is to expand the children’s knowledge of aboriginal culture. Educating non-Aboriginal Australians could help eliminate racism and discrimination in today’s modern society. Students create an art using ochre and bark, acrylic and canvas, story telling , aboriginal cooking, cultural talks and indigenous history.

Capoeira is a unique Brazilian art form combining martial arts with elements of dance, drums and acrobatics. 
Capoeira also encourages a positive body image and develops confidence, self- esteem and team skills.
 ANAA teach a wide range of styles and ages and the students are really developing quickly.

Public Performances ANAA foster self-confidence developed from encouraging and supporting students to perform in front of audiences, skills required for life and that inspire children to have a career in the field of the creative and performing arts. Each class at ANAA will participate in putting together a showcase event at the end of the year to show off their skills, gain confidence and to inspire the community and parents.

Past Performances and Achievements: ‘Sounds of Light’ concert, AFIC congress dinner at the Parliament House Canberra, The Eid Show, LMA, Bankstown Council’s events, Daar Aisha Sharia College events, Malek Fahd Muslim School Multicultural Fair, Bankstown Mosque Project, S.O.D.A , HDMS, Orphan Child, Al – Firdaus Qur’an College, ISRAA, World Hijab Day, AFIC Congress Dinner and many other community events.

ANAA also wish to provide sponsorship for talented disadvantaged or disabled children who would like to attend classes. They want to enhance the children’s recovery and healing process by providing an opportunity to express feelings through performance, creative arts and gain self-confidence.

Ages: 3-16 years old, boys and girls.

Location: Bankstown Arts Centre

Australian Nasheed & Arts Academy,

Website: Contact: 0423 084 806 | [email protected]