As we come to the festivity of Eid after completing our acts of worship; our celebration is not complete by the events of violence and state terrorism that are happening at the global stage, and especially the crimes of systematic genocide against the innocent people of Gaza by the hands of the brutal Zionist regime. This regime is systematically murdering children, women and unarmed civilians in their own homes. This war machine is using the most destructive and illegal weapons such as white phosphorus and depleted uranium. This enemy is practicing the most evil Nazi forms of genocide against innocent Muslims.

We acknowledge that there is a similarity in what is happening in Iraq, Palestine, and Syria, in their being the same war machine, the same evil plans and the same devil in the background planning and playing.

The Muslim community in Australia, amidst the celebration of the blessed month of Ramadan, has felt the grief at the loss of 298 innocent lives, including 80 children, and 36 Australians on the Malaysian aircraft MH17. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families of the MH17 Australian victims.

This grief is multiplied due to the horrendous crimes being committed against the innocent people of Gaza. Up until the time of writing this statement, the number of victims reached 1000 martyrs, including 208 children, and 6000 injured civilians, including 1561 children.

We demand from the international community and the world’s conscience to bring to account those who have committed these war crimes in Ukraine and in Gaza to justice.

We condemn in the harshest possible terms these acts of aggression, injustice, racism and double standards. We warn the international community against the danger of racism and new forms of Nazism practiced by specific countries that consider themselves above the law, daily committing crimes without being punished or even being condemned.

In this atmosphere, the Muslim mind should be mindful not to make issues out of minor juristic differences while disregarding the purposeful events that aim to stab the religion in the heart.

We wish all Muslims in Australia to preserve the validity and confirmation of their fasting by continuing obedience to Allah throughout the remaining months of the year, and to pray to Allah for their brothers and sisters in Gaza, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen and other Muslim countries to ease their difficulties and suffering, bring victory to their wars, and peace and security to extend throughout Australia and the rest of the world.