Traditionally mosques become intensive centres of Islamic activity during the month of Ramadan. In addition to daily prayers and Taraweeh prayers, Iftar parties, quranic classes and a number of educational and social activities are organised during the month of fasting

Relatively the newly established Bankstown and Campbelltown mosques under the management of Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) and Saarban Islamic Trust held Taraveeh prayers during Ramadan where the whole of the Quran was recited. Dr Waliullah Bokhari led the Taraweeh prayers at the Bankstown mosque with celebration of Khatme-Quran on Sat 26 July while the celebrations of Khatme Quran was held on Thursday 24 July at Campbelltown mosque.

The Bankstown mosque is now being expanded to include a youth centre, an urgent need for the area. Funds are being sought to build a facility that will provide services to young people in the area and beyond.

Ramadan Diary Programme

A unique programme was organised at the Campbelltown mosque in order to intensively engage young people in the area during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan Diary is a 6 week programme that started with a Welcome to Ramadan, a week before the start of the fasting month where a motivation talk was given by Shaikh Luoay Abdulbaki. A Ramadan planner/diary was distributed amongst young people to facilitate recording of plans and their implementation during the month of Ramadan.

During the four weeks of Ramadan, participants were asked to fill in the diary with their daily activities recording daily prayers, fasting regime, recitation and study of Quran, good deeds etc. Adhan, recitation and naat competitions were held on Saturdays to further encourage young people to engage with the Ramadan Diary programme.


The programme ended with an Eid get together party for all participants and their families with awards to the best performers and Eid gifts in the form of “Eidi” for all.