It is a pleasant surprise in Ramadan to receive the complimentary copy of AMUST, issue #104. It is very impressive.

I do look forward to seeing good articles in AMUST which are original and of high standard.

I liked the idea of information on the 100th issue of the AMUST remember the efforts of those who were associated in past as volunteers and workers for AMUST.

The logo of AMUST is very nice and expressive based on Australian colours. Congratulation to those who were involved in its design work.

From time to time , I hope to share my thoughts through AMUST by contributing my articles.

I also want to mention that during the last 20 years the configuration of the Muslim Community in Australia has changed drastically . Needs of Muslim community in Australia have changed and we are passing through a difficult phase . Internal differences, occasional violence, clash of the egos are hurdles that we need to cross in order to flourish as a successful community.

In my opinion a true media representation of Muslims in Australia should provide all views without bias towards any particular community presenting all views equally.

I would also love to see a balanced representation of various sections of the community in your editorial board too.

Abbas Raza Alvi
Sydney, NSW