The recommencement of AMUST in the new format was greeted with great enthusiasm within Australia and abroad.

The print edition of AMUST July/Ramadan Issue #104 dated Friday 4 July was widely distributed via newsagents nationally and Australia post and by hand at mosques and business outlets as well as at various Iftar events throughout Sydney.

A newsletter edition of AMUST was sent to tens of thousands of people globally as well as a user friendly website is being maintained being updated on a frequent basis.

Interesting comments were received from a wide cross section of readers of AMUST that included a variety of community members, professionals and politicians. Further advice, Cooperation and support was offered that was very encouraging for the AMUST Team.

Anne Fairbain, a popular Australian poet and icon who used to contribute towards AMUST in the past found revived AMUST a superb newspaper to be read by many Australians of all background and promised to continue her contributions to AMUST on a regular basis.

For Mr Abbas Alvi, an Indian community leader, it was a pleasant Ramadan surprise that he found very impressive. He admired the inclusive design of AMUST logo with expressive Australian colours.

Professor Stewart Truswell from the University of Sydney liked the editorial especially the idea of sharing of good news  by AMUST compared to mainstream media that are all about news on murders, wars and political disagreements.

Professor Jamil Farooqui and Dr Mumtaz from International Islamic University, Malaysia who were regular readers of AMUST in the past welcomed its revival with promise of contribution of articles.

AMUST was also distributed by hand at numerous Iftar dinners in Sydney and was enthusiastically received. Young people were found to be extraordinarily excited about AMUST and its new multimedia format that was considered very much user friendly for them not only to read but also to express their ideas by contribution of articles, photos, videos and social media commentaries.