Mohammed Israil is an Australian-Fijian owner of Homebush Halal Meats in Ashfield, Sydney. With an exceptional reputation of providing the best and freshest quality meat, Homebush Halal Meats has successfully been serving Australian Muslim families for the past 28 years.

Originally from Suva, Fiji, Mohammed came from a large family and worked closely under his father who was a reputable businessman and owned several butcheries in Fiji. After coming to Australia with his wife and young children in the early 70s, Mohammed took on the legacy of his father and so began his passion in the meat industry. He humbly began working as the slaughterman at Homebush Abattoirs for The Australian Federation for Islamic Council (AFIC).

Mohammed was the sole provider for his growing family, and as a very hard-working man, passionate about providing quality products to the Muslim community. When the Abattoir had closed down and after many years of experience as a slaughterman, Mohammed had the ambition to open up butchery, working his way up into establishing his own business: a retail butchery at Croydon Park. As the word had spread of the quality and taste of the products, the business’s success was steadily growing and it was time to relocate to Ashfield, the current premises.

Homebush Halal Meats provide a delectable variety of lamb, beef, goat, poultry and game meat. Halal small goods are made and sold on premises using secret family recipes. The wide selection of small goods includes but are not limited to berliner, chicken rolls, hot & spicy rolls, polony, Hungarian salami, corned beef, smoked beef, turkey bacon, beef bacon, smoked turkey, smoked chicken, pastirma, sucuk, biltong, pizza topping and so much more! Homebush Halal Meats can also supply to restaurants, cafes and retail outlets.

After 28 years of success in providing meat to Australian Muslims, Homebush Halal Meats is the most sought after source of Halal meat for their reputation and quality products. Head over to Homebush Halal Meats, meet Mohammed himself and try their wide range of tasty products.