This Ramadan, we at Islamic Relief are grateful. Grateful for the 92 million people we’ve helped in the last 30 years, We are urging the Muslim community and the wider public to give thanks and look at charity in a new light and realize that they are powerful. Their support of our vital humanitarian work in the midst of conflict around the world (their zakat) is more than just an obligation. It changes lives.

Islamic Relief is implementing innovative food solutions all over the world. Children are often hit hardest by food shortages. So we start feeding programmes to fight malnutrition, preventing countless health problems in the future and saving lives. We have started food banks in Niger, opened feeding centres in Bangladesh, treated malnourished children in Somalia, irrigated farms in Gaza…the list goes on.

The Prophet, (s), said “There is a reward on giving food and drink to every living creature.” (Bukhari)

In Yemen, Kenya, Somalia and Niger:  where there are food insecurities, Islamic Relief has increased the nutritional value of the pack to help mitigate against malnutrition levels. Islamic Relief believes prevention is the best approach for protecting people’s wellbeing and livelihood, especially children’s.

The Ramadan food pack will last a family at least two weeks or more. It can make a significant difference to people’s lives as they can focus on the holy month, and not worry about sourcing food for a few weeks. Islamic Relief aims to select families who are the most vulnerable and in need, such female-headed households, people with disabilities, and families consisting of orphans.

Islamic Relief teams distribute food packets in impoverished communities to provide relief during Ramadan. Each food packet holds up to 40 Kilograms of food that is important to the local diet of the recipients. It is designed to help a family of five to seven people. This generally includes rice, wheat, lentils and oil, and often also sugar, canned fish and meat, and dates. Foods are procured locally within each country whenever possible, to ensure that they’re appropriate for the recipients and to help the economy as well. The Ramadan program is designed to complement longer-term relief and development projects that provide sustainable assistance in improving living conditions.

The Price of a Family Food Pack starts from just $30.

YOUR ZAKAT IS POWERFUL with Islamic Relief. The people that have received the 2,700,000 food packages we’ve distributed during Ramadan alone in the last 30 years, would agree.


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