Dedicated to all Muslim Australians


Here in our eternal Dreaming

The pulse of life is free.

Beneath a brimming feast of stars

– We live in harmony.

While Wattles whisper to the wind,

‘This land’s magnificent,’

Our circling seas sing to the sun,

– ‘May these shores be innocent.’

Our early settlers toiled outback

To feed our population,

So we all reap the benefits

– Of their determination.

Wise men argued, then agreed

To form a Federation

They also argued and agreed

– To frame our Constitution.

Galvanized at Gallipoli,

‘Mate-ship’ – our Aussie way,

Eased those agonies endured

– Day after blood-soaked day.

Waratahs, Wattles and Eucalypts

Are symbols or our nation

Enduring bushfires, droughts and floods

– They remain an inspiration.

Today in our multicultural country

We strive to maintain what’s right.

A Fair Go for all and Mate-ship

– We uphold with all our might.

Today in cities and outback,

We’re sensing new vitality,

As Muslims who choose  to settle here

Are enriching our diversity.

Out of a very true love for Allah,

And aware of the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah,

They  follow the pathway of piety,

Thus always treating people gently

And respecting one another constantly,

While keeping their promises faithfully.

With hearts free of malice, hatred and envy.

They believe in the importance of family

And of good manners and sincerity.

With patience and true sense of justice,

Their Immense generosity,

Honesty and hospitality,

Which I observed during my many

Visits to Muslim countries.

Also they’re masters of poetry

Which is seen as the voice of the soul.

So Muslims contribute to social harmony

– Thus they’re welcomed here constantly.

We live in peace within The Dreaming

Warmed by our Southern sun,

With Australia’s vast and vital heart

– Beating for everyone.


Note: The Indigenous people of Australia believe we are all part of an eternal Dreaming.