Chris Sevier, a man from Florida, USA believes he should legally be allowed to marry his Apple Macbook, a gadget he has fallen in love with.

He told a court  in Florida that over time, he began preferring the company of his computer rather than that of women. This appears to be not a passing holiday romance, but a lifelong commitment.

Mr Sevier, who describes himself as “a former judge advocate and combat veteran”, is persistent, filing claims not only in Florida but also Utah.

Mr Sevier apparently sought a marriage licence for himself and his “machine spouse”, but for some reason was denied.

Mr Sevier cites legal precedents around the world – including a case where a woman married a dolphin and a Chinese man wed a cardboard cutout of himself.

Unfortunately for Mr Sevier, the courts in Florida and Utah, found his legal arguments unpersuasive. (NFN&R)