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Respect goes both ways

I hope that you and your readers do write to the Queensland University of Technology protesting their pathetic and weak response to the professor’s tweet.  They need to understand that distancing themselves is not good enough. ...

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Gender Balanced AFIC Board?

I can’t help but notice the lack of female representation on the executive committee. Maybe a more balanced board will help AFIC to regain the trust of Muslims and the wider community. There has been extensive research into the...

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Congratulations to AMUST

I am very much delighted to hear the news that AMUST is a finalist for the “Media Outlet of the Year” and your Managing Editor, Mr Zia Ahmad for the “Man of the year” award for the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards 2016....

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Hatred of the “other”

The recent questionable Essential poll on attitudes of Australians to Muslim immigration is not an indication of anything new. We white colonials have a long and embarrassing history of hating “the other”. The very definition of...

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An Open letter to PM

Dear Malcolm Please see what the world communities are saying about the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people and the destruction of the great and earliest civilization of humanity in Iraq! The British have...

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Muslims reject violence

It has become obvious that the haters and the bigoted  lump ISIS/Daesh with mainstream Islam because it suits the Islamophobic discourse. The BBC often interviews Choudhary the non-representative Muslim who is regarded as a joke...

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