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The Nature’s Womb

From the mother’s womb into the serene hamlet, The freshness of the air, water and the ground, The distant views of the hills and the paddocks, The incessant faint murmur from the bay, The overflowing water and fury of...

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The Concentration of Wealth and Power Leads to Injustice

Written no doubt with European imperialism and fascism and its ludicrous leaders in mind, Maududi wrote: “The desire for godhood can take root only in the head of man. It is only man’s excessive lust for power and desire for exploitation that prompts him to impose himself on other people as a god and compel their obedience, force them to bow down before him in reverential awe and make them instruments for his self aggrandisement. The pleasure of posing as a god is more delicious than anything that man has yet been able to discover.” 

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Malek Fahd fiasco

Zia Ahmad recently wrote about Islamophobia in the press. I responded that the element is apparent but that there were issues definitely played down to protect Islamic leaders from themselves. How much could a biased media make...

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