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The agenda behind the normalisation of racism and bigotry

Craig Emerson, a former Labor Party minister, in his resignation letter as a commentator for Sky News issued the next day, stated: “That Seven and Sky could present a neo-Nazi as a regular kind of guy and, in Seven’s case, a pillar of the community as a sort of neighbourhood watch coordinator, is frightening. Seven and Sky have sought to normalise racism and bigotry to boosts their ratings and advertising revenue.” [6 August AFR]

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Invitation to AMUST Readers

Dear AMUST Letters Editor, I would like to invite all AMUST readers to our Hostage Happening, 5.30pm every Friday at the Queen Victoria statue in front of the QVB in Sydney. You are welcome to bring your own banner or placard or...

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The dangers of the developing social imbalance

The cause of these upheavals could be described in two phrases:
“One is “So long as I’m full, what is it to me if others dies of hunger,” and the other, “You struggle and labour so that I can live in ease and comfort.”

He asserts that if they are to be eradicated, it will be through applying the Qur’anic injunction of alms-giving and prohibition on usury and interest.

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Culture wars in Australian academia

Richard Denniss pointed out just how intense the attack has been:
“After the ANU expressed concern that the Ramsay Centre might seek excessive influence that would impede academic freedom, the university was openly criticised by a prime minister, a former prime minister, a raft of front benchers and prominent national commentators. Put simply, the ferocity and power of the attack on the ANU is the clearest proof that they made the right decision.” [16 June 2018 The Age]

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