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Malaysia: Mahathir and Anwar join forces

The Malaysian opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan, PH (Pact of Hope), during its annual convention held on Sunday 7 January in Kuala Lumpur has named Mahathir Mohammad, the veteran Malaysian leader, 92 as the candidate for prime minister for the next election. The Malaysian opposition leader and President of one of the coalition partners Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Anwar’s Ibrahim’s wife, was also announced as Pakatan Harapan’s choice for deputy prime minister. It is anticipated that Mahathir would serve as interim prime minister until his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim is ready to take over upon...

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Jerusalem between Zionist lobbying and Arab hypocrisy

The unilateral declaration of West Jerusalem by the Zionists as Israel’s capital in 1949 was illegal and has never been recognised by the international community. The UN General Assembly Resolution 194 adopted on 11 December 1948 declared Jerusalem as an international city. In 1967 Israel occupied the West Bank including East Jerusalem and has since declared the whole of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel. Since then, for over half a century, Israel has illegally occupied Jerusalem using brute force, floundering all UN resolutions and with the attitude of “couldn’t care less” of the opinion...

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ISRA student wins University Medal at CSU

Emna Malas, a graduating Master of Classical Arabic student at ISRA has won the University Medal at the Charles Sturt University (CSU). She is one of the eight University Medal winners for the year 2017 out of more than 40,000 students currently enrolled at CSU. The Centre for Islamic Sciences and Civilisation (CISAC) at Charles Sturt University in partnership with Islamic Science & Research Academy (ISRA) held its yearly graduation presentation on Saturday 9 December at Oatlands House, Oatlands, Sydney. Degrees in Bachelor of Islamic Studies, Master of Islamic Studies and Master of Classical Arabic were awarded to successful candidates by Professor Toni Downs, Deputy Vice-Chancellor,...

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“Islam in Practice” conference showcases unity in diversity

The “Islam in Practice” conference held on Sunday 10 December 2017 at Club Punchbowl in Sydney was attended by almost 500 people from a diverse background listening to a variety of speakers from all over Australia as well as from overseas. The conference focussed on contemporary issues in the areas of Law, Finance, Leadership and Activism; reviewing issues of concern to Australian Muslims and importantly, exploring strategies on how better to deal with these concerns putting Islam into practice. The attendees included men, women and youth, mostly from Sydney but also from other states of Australia from a diverse linguistic,...

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Mawlid 2017: Innovative Concert and Peace Conference

 An Innovative multimedia dramatic concert showcasing diverse colours, cultures and languages kept thousands mesmerised for 90 minutes at Sydney Olympic Park while celebrating Mawlid on Sunday 3 December 2017. With the slogan, “Together in Loving Mohammad”, the 8th Multicultural Mawlid Concert drew more than 5000 People from Australia as well as overseas marking  the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (s). The event was organized by the Islamic Charity Projects Association (ICPA) and coincided with the Annual International Peace Conference held under the patronage of Darulfatwa, the Islamic High Council of Australia. Accepting the invitation from Darulfatwa Australia and in collaboration with Majlis Ulama Indonesia,...

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