Author: Zia Ahmad

Call for fair treatment of older Australians

The Age Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Kay Patterson AO has reminded Australians that older people, like everyone else, have the right to work, be respected and live lives of dignity free from violence, neglect and abuse. She was speaking on the topic “Will You Still Need Me…?”, while discussing issues facing the ageing population in Australia, including the ways older people are discriminated against and avenues for combating discrimination against older people in culturally and linguistically diverse communities, at the Affinity Intercultural Foundation’s lunchtime Lecture Series held on Thursday 14 September 2017 at the Affinity offices in Sydney. The popular...

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Rohingyas: Ethnic cleansing between all talk

The brutal ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in the Rakhine State of Myanmar (Burma) continues unabated inspite of all the condemnation of the Burmese military’s atrocities against civilian population and criticism of the Burmese government for its inaction on this humanitarian catastrophe. Almost 400,000 women, children and men, almost one third of the whole Rohingya population of Arakan Province have fled to bordering Bangladesh without any possessions in fear for their life just during the last three weeks. More than a thousand Rohingyas have been killed, brutally murdered by the Burmese military, hundreds of women raped and enture...

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Marching off for Commissioner O’Callaghan

An event to farewell Dr Karl O’Callaghan, the WA Police Commissioner was held on Friday 11 August 2017.  Dr O’Callaghan’s 44-year policing career including 13 years as WA Police Commissioner was celebrated during this moving march-off ceremony at the Joondalup Police Academy. He maintained a strong public voice, known for his advocacy on a range of social issues impacting policing and the community. His annual morning tea with the Muslim community Imams and Leaders in WA have grown as an important event on the WA Police calendar In his final years Dr O’Callaghan implemented the Frontline 2020 program, which...

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Over 2 million performing Hajj

More than two million people have descended on Makkah, Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year. Comparatively, 1,080,000 men and 780,000 women performed Hajj last year. Most pilgrims for Hajj come from Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Nigeria in descending order. Hajj or the annual pilgrimage to Makkah during the specific Islamic calendar dates in the month of Zulhijjah is considered one of the five obligatory pillars of Islam. The first day of the six day Hajj journey commences on Wednesday 30 August ending on Monday 4 September and includes overnight stay in Mina followed by...

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Self-sacrifice – a lesson from Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha

Muslims throughout the world celebrate Eid-ul-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, timed towards the end of Hajj.  Generally, the event is celebrated as a festival of joy with dressing up, feasting and having a good time with family and friends. However, there are deep and most significant lessons embedded in marking this most important occasion in the Islamic calendar. Both Hajj and its integration with it Eid-ul-Adha commemorate the trials and triumphs of Prophet Ibrahim (a) together with his wife Hajrah and son Ismail (a). Ibrahim’s (a) willingness to sacrifice his most beloved possession, his son Ismail (a) and in...

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