Author: Zahid Jamil

India abolishes instant Triple Talaq

In a historic decision on Monday 21 August 2017, a five-judge constitution bench of the Indian Supreme Court struck down by 3:2 majority, the practice of “Triple Talaq”, or instant divorce.  The two judges, Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice S Abdul Nazeer held triple talaq to be part of fundamental rights to religion of Muslims and said it was not unconstitutional. But, Justices Kurian Joseph, R F Nariman and U U Lalit said triple talaq violated the fundamental rights of Muslim women as they are subjected to arbitrary, instant, irrevocable divorce through this practice. Interestingly, the bench...

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Climate of fear for Muslims in India

A few days before Eid-ul-fitr in June 2017, a mob of 20 Hindu men fatally stabbed Junaid Khan, a Muslim teenager, and seriously injured his three companions on a train near in the North Indian state of Haryana.   More than 200 onlookers in the train compartment and on the railway platform watched the incident without coming forward to challenge the killers, with a few even encouraging the assaulters. They accused the teenage Muslim boys of eating beef, an act considered sacrilegious by sections of the nation’s Hindu majority. This attack was part of an increasing trend that began...

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Some reflections on the global state of affairs

We have currently been living in a world where all sides are engaged in wrongdoings. Each side is bent upon pointing out to other’s mistakes, not willing to admit grave mistakes, they have committed themselves.  Islam and Muslims seem to be the  common enemy for all, be it the Western democracies, the Zionists of Israel, the Communists of Russia, the Hindus India, the Buddhists of Burma and Sri Lanka or different Muslim sects who are bent upon demeaning each other. Hostile foreign policies of Western powers have inflicted gravest miseries to the Muslim world over past few decades, causing millions of deaths and injuries, looting their nations, playing tricks with them to turn one faction against other, thus destablising their regions, causing civil wars. Aggression of West against Muslim lands was generally based on lies, driven by lust for oil wealth. The Chilcot inquiry in UK honestly revealed the wrongful intent of British Prime Minister at the time of Iraq war. As per the report, the government had produced dossiers of mass deception, based on “flawed intelligence and assessments” whose claims were dismissed as risible. The world-wide Zionist lobby peddles a one sided view generating sympathy for the state of Israel while demonising the Palestinians suffering under occupation. Crushing of genuine popular movements known as Arab spring over past few years against authoritative regimes, US and its allies have...

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SAMAA organises Sangeet Mehfil

SAMAA arranged a musical night featuring renowned Sydney singer Mr Saleem Zaman on Saturday 13 May at Hurstville Civic Theatre.  The large audience, a majority of them seniors, packed the hall and enjoyed some of the most popular songs of 70 s and 80s. From ballads with ornate Urdu couplets to soulful lyrics and light film songs with exceptional melodies, thrilled the crowd who forced the programme to continue beyond the scheduled finish time. Saleem Zaman was accompanied by a very fine female singer Sirisha Telugu who won the hearts of the audience. Their performance was par excellence which...

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Complications in Australia-India bilateral relations

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull paid a four day visit to India, meeting his counterpart Narendra Modi and senior business leaders in the month of April in an attempt to enhance business relationship between the two countries. India, in its attempt to achieve economic transformation, needs further developments in infrastructure, education and sources of energy and the talks mainly concentrated on these sectors. Malcolm Turnbull, however sought extension of trade links to other sectors as well. Unfortunately, prospects of free trade deal between the two countries stalled as according to Australian PM, the tradition of protectionism runs very deep in...

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