Author: Shafqat Ali

ADHD: disease or blessing in disguise

Hamya is a year 11 student who came to our business for work experience about six months ago. On his first day, my teammate refused to work with him remarking that “He is just crazy”. I took him as a challenge and soon I found that he was a brilliant student with many talents. He could type and talk at the same time. He not only knew a lot about computers and the Internet but could go deep into history and arts too. Anything I asked him to do, he did while exceeding my expectation by miles. By the afternoons, I...

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Innovative ways for learning and teaching

In December 2012, one of my employees who came from a migrant family got sick and he sent his younger brother to help out in the office. I was apprehensive to deal with a person who had no experience of IT work but it turned to be a blessing in disguise.  After working with him for a few hours, I learnt that he was quite talented but less than average in his class grades. He was moving into year 10 at school. To cut the long story short, I negotiated with his family, school and education board to let...

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Exploring your talents early

“What should I do with my life?”   It happens often when you do not pick the right learning path leading to a decent career start that you dreamt of for yourself.   Let’s deal with this question in young age when you are in high school (year 9-12) deciding on your electives and majors. This is the time you want to make a decision as to “what should I do with my life”. Before coming towards the solution box I want to quote Ayah from the Quran, Where Allah says in fourth ayat of 95th sura; SurahTin, “No...

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Secure your IT

Run through this check list to make sure your computers, data and IT related services are secure while you are away and also functioning the same way on your return, or continue to function whilst you are away.   Backup Create a full backup of important files and information to an external source and store it off-site or in cloud, away from your business. Include information that may be stored on desktops, laptops and servers. Out-Of-Office Reply  Set an out of office reply on your last day in Outlook or Web Mail like Gmail etc. to let your contacts and customers...

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Saarban centres for organised Daawah

Sarban Masajid projects under the patronage of Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims (IFAM) is playing a key role in organised daawah work and rendering valuable services to the Australian community at large. All the three masajid in Bankstown, Campbelltown and Queanbean were highly active during the month of Ramadan. In addition to 20 rakaat Taraweeh prayers with Khatm-e-Quran, regular lectures and innovative activities were organised at all venues in order to get youth involved in living Islam. IFAM from its very formation concentrated on three major aims in order to carry out organised Daawah work in Australia namely close...

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