Author: Syed Atiq ul Hassan

Halal Expo Australia 2018 to focus on the rapid growth of the Halal Industry

Over 10 foreign speakers, over 50 top delegates and over 40 companies are ready to participate in the 4th International Halal Expo Australia (HEA) 2018 which will be held on Saturday 10 to Sunday 11  February 2018 at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney. The 2-Day International Halal Conference (IHC) 2018 will also be a part of HEA 2018 where 15 top Australian and foreign scholars and academics will speak on various facets of the Halal and Halal way of life. The theme of IHC 2018 is ‘Halal Industry: Growth, Issues and Solution’. Halal Expo Australia (HEA) is an exciting and exclusive event...

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Can Religion be separated from State?

Many states’ affairs related to the social, cultural and educational activities are defined by the beliefs of the majority of people within the state. For instance, in the Western secular states, where Christianity dominates, the system of the state observes the practices of the Christian faith: for example, national holidays at Christmas and Easter, beginning official events, and even parliamentary sessions, with recitations from the Bible and heads of state  visits to their respective churches. The majority always dominates the minority: religiously, culturally and socially. The idea of secularism emerged as a practical strategy to deal with the issues related...

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Halal matters: its management in Australia

The media has the capacity to shape public opinion and change public perception on critical issues. Nonetheless, the primary goal of the media is to inform, criticize and educate the recipients (public) on different subjects rather than exploit the sentiments of the public with the intent of deriving commercial and political gains.  Journalism, which is a core element of the media, is a discipline of collecting, verifying, analysing and presenting the stories in a fair and neutral manner to the public. While global media plays a major role in providing timely information and knowledge on current affairs using modern technology; the misuse of technology is also crossing the ethical limits of journalism. Exposure to faiths, cultures and other elements of human sociology through global media and social media have demolished the territorial boundaries among people of different backgrounds.  In this multimedia age, the digital contents of the media are playing an imperative role in societies through breaking news, attracting stories, and talk shows. The revolutionary change in the media industry, means that a journalist can make a difference on critical issues and sensitive matters through their professional work. In this situation, what is the role of journalists, writers and academics? It is commonly these groups work in the common interest of the public which is the pursuit to live peacefully and respectfully with others. Therefore, it should be the...

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