Author: Sana Gillani

Syria through the eyes of travellers

The purpose of this piece is not to eulogise Syria, but instead to present a less-discussed picture of the country in this unfortunate time of war and devastation.  Through the eyes of fellow travellers, I hope for us to be provided an insight into the beautiful lands of Al-Sham, its people, and its spirit. Through this, let us renew our commitment to ensuring the various treasures of this land (most pertinently, its people) are preserved, honoured, and that Syria is restored to its full grace with an end to conflict and oppression. Regarding Al-Sham, Ibn Hawla narrated: “When he...

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Meet “Muzbnb”, faith-based homestay network for Muslim travellers

Last year, a friend of mine shared her experiences in a Daily Life article about the challenges of engaging with the sharing economy as a Brown Muslim Woman. Although I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced such discrimination, I don’t doubt that it’s present. Her story made me think about how with disruptive technologies such as Airbnb and Uber, consumers were able to stick it to the big companies and find more affordable alternatives to get around, but how it’s a new and uncertain space where other consumer rights may not be protected. With the Muslim travel...

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A Visit to Bosnia, with Zeynab Gamieldien

For almost as long as I’ve known Zeynab, I have witnessed her fascination with different cultures and their histories. Two in particular have always been Russian and the Balkan legacies. When Zeynab first told me she would have the opportunity to visit Bosnia, I was so excited for her. All the books, travelogues and documentaries she had consumed about this great land, would come to life in a highly perceptive set of eyes. I interviewed Zeynab about her trip, and here is what she had to share.  What inspired you to travel to Bosnia?  I’ve always been fascinated by the...

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Hiking through Northern Pakistan, with Usman Zubair

I’ve always been intrigued by the distinct terrain and culture that Northern Pakistan has to offer. When I came across Usman Zubair’s documenting of his expedition into Naltar and Bashkaro pass, his excellent photography and videos, I thought it would be great to speak to him about his experience. I’m always keen to feature the stories of fellow Muslim travellers, especially those who venture off the beaten track – which Usman certainly did!  Here’s what he had to say. Through following your Instagram, I note you are a keen photographer and traveller. Can you tell us a little more...

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Useful Apps for the Modern Wayfarer

So I’ve had a little bit of fun playing around with some apps for this piece. I’ve searched for the apps I believe can be of most benefit to travellers, especially for travellers with the religious needs of Muslims. Some of these have also been recommended to me by others, or come to my attention through my own recent travels. In an age where our smartphones assist us to organise so much of our lives, record many of our life experiences and provide us with important information, the use and development of apps for the travellers market is exciting...

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