Author: Saltanat Bora

A Generous Baby Shower

I’ve always had two thoughts and emotions about baby showers. I’ve felt somewhat uneasy about them, what with the fanfare, extravagance that seems to be the trend these days and potentially lots of unwanted gifts, but I’ve also loved the concept of gathering a budding mother’s closest female friends and family to initiate her into motherhood- or if it’s not for a first baby, having them around to share wisdoms, celebrate the start of new life and simply to shower her with love. Our dear friend Sana was expecting her first baby (she’s since given birth) and asked me...

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Aminah + Yusef

We love the story of Aminah and Yusef, and their journey of planning their wedding because it’s proof that some people are fated to be, but also because it shows some of the specific cultural issues that Muslim brides/couples have to face when planning their weddings. It made us laugh, it made us nod our head in agreement, but mostly, it showed us that when two people who are true friends are supported by family who love them, a truly beautiful celebration of their love will take place. This one is definitely worth reading till the end…  The story...

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A riot of Roses

Roses are utterly romantic and one can hardly go past them for a wedding bouquet.  Here, resident editor and sometime florist Saltanat Bora puts together a simple bouquet of garden roses, dahlias, lily of the valley and David Austin roses to be inspired by. Photography by Subhi Bora. This article originally was published on The Modest Bride This slideshow requires...

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Rida & Sema’s Wedding Feature

Rida and Sema’s wedding was a lovely event that highlighted the compromise and collaboration between the bride and groom from the start. Although Sema had her wedding envisioned to a tee, and wanted to DIY many elements, the suggestions from Rida helped make the planning process that much easier. Read on for more about their story, and their wedding… How did you meet: My husband and I went to the same high school which is where we first met but our relationship was sparked when we ended up working together as pharmacists about five years later (I was his intern at...

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Intimacy in a marriage takes work

Let’s be honest. A major factor in the breakdown of a marriage is problems with intimacy. And this is particularly the case amongst people of faith. The reasons for this are many and varied, including the role of Hollywood and popular culture in promoting a fantastical and unreal ideal of intimacy amongst couples. That’s why this particular psychological study shared by the Al Ghazzali Centre Telegram channel, is really important in understanding that intimacy is not something that is wild, passionate and burns on its own fuel. Although it can be those things as well, the reality is that in...

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