Author: Sharmeen Ali

Game Programming workshop for Children

During the summer holidays, the Young Innovators Network organised many sessions for kids to equip themselves with latest computer technologies. One of them was held on Saturday 19 January 2018 at Diversity Skills Training in Parramatta after successfully running sessions at Auburn and Campbelltown. Syed Nasir Ali who is a seasoned teacher and has conducted many sessions before was the lead trainer. He was fully supported by his wife Sarwat Nasir Ali. Students learnt basics of computer coding and they developed a fully working game in half a day workshop. Parents were also briefed about the Young Innovators Network’s...

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Generating interest in Maths & Science via PBL

Recent studies show that Australian students are declining their interest in maths and science subjects. This is in contrast with computer-related activities where they don’t want to disengage with computers and tablets.  The data (Figure) shows that up to 50% of Australian Year 8 math students are nor very keen to study maths compared to an average of the same globally (Gotsis, Tom,  “STEM education in NSW schools”, ) The Australian government identified Science and Mathematics as vital areas of study for Australian students to maintain their future life including job security and run a day to day...

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Design Thinking with Peter Gould

Young Innovators Network, YIN organised a workshop for Young Innovators on Saturday 9 September conducted by Peter Gould.  It was an interactive workshop for young people aged 7-12 years to discover the role of design in our world. Peter Gould leads a global design company and lectures on the subject of innovation at UTS. He ran that workshop in with a lot of fun and hands on experience. Firstly, Peter introduced basic concepts of design thinking.  He enquired about everyday objects and the idea behind it. Then he asked children to draw a toy and find out how to...

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