Author: Dr Rashid Raashed

 ‘The Qur’an Contains No Doubt’: The empirical testing of the claim

Passing the authenticity test is the end-game for all scriptures. It represents the crucial linchpin that holds together the veracity and reliability of a revealed religion. Without a verifiably authentic scripture behind, a religion is reduced to popular myths and legends of convenience. This is how it works: The source of revelation is God, who besides being the Omni-Potent and the Omni-Present, is also Super-natural in all His attributes. The human limitations ingrained in empirical learning, as habit, nature and process, is never sufficient to comprehend God the Unlimited fully, in all His attributes and functions. Logically, thus, the attempt to discover the Unlimited by the limitation of experimental knowledge, is bound to be futile. Worse still, is to deny as existing, what is beyond human capacity to experiment, explore and discover. Short of this approach, nothing would befit the human handicap other than a ‘poor short-sighted creature’! In contrast to this however, the human reaction ‘to deny the un-known and un-discovered to him, at a time and space given, has never been a new phenomenon’, the Qur’an argues. Instead, the right course of action should have been to wait for the experiment to prove true’ (بل كذًبوا بما لم يحيطوا بعلمه، ولمًا يأتهم تأويله)[1]. Both the utility and interaction of the Qur’an and its Messenger in relation to their audience, have been uniquely narrated as follows : ‘The...

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The Qur’an and the allegation of extremism

  In countering the allegation of extremism against Islam, the insistence of the Qur’an to the contrary is indeed, outstanding. According to the Book, the foundation of a true Muslim is rooted in him/her being an active player in the “Middle-course Nation” (أمة وسطا)[1]. This is the subset of the ‘Best of Humanity’ standard (خيرأمة), to which the Qur’an has earmarked the original identity of global Muslims[2]. To live and perform up to this standard, the verse 03:110 of the Qur’an, has set out the following benchmarks: (a)        Muslims exist for the good of humanity (أخرجت للناس), (b)       They...

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The nightmare in Syria: Iran’s role

During the war of capturing Aleppo towards the end of 2016, the indiscriminate Russian air attacks on civilian areas, had reached a new height of barbarity.  The complicity of Iran, however, supporting this aggression on civilians, by providing militias on the ground is highly questionable. The efforts and gains made by Imam Khomeini to unite Muslims, have been virtually reversed, by the current leadership in Iran. Iran probably has a reason to be weary of the mostly Salafi zealots active in Syria, who, regrettably, maintain acute antagonistic views to all Shia’h Muslims. This is wrong on the part of the Salafis, to start with, we acknowledge. But for Iran, to support the Russian genocide in Aleppo and siding with the regime of Asad, oppressive Baathist dictator, was never the befitting answer. To begin with, it is wrong to view Shia’h Muslims any more or less than a part and parcel of the mainstream global Ummah of Islam. On the contrary, the outbursts from the ideological backers of uprising in Syria suggest that they are not prepared to grant the Iran’s Islamic identity any credit. In itself, such an aggressive attitude to the Shia’h Muslims, have nothing to do with Islam. No matter how intense the campaign to spread hatred towards the Shia’h Muslims, there are as many good or bad Muslims among the Sunnis as they are among the...

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Reforming Madrasah Education and Daawah Strategy

Madrasah Education: My exposure to the privately run chain of Islamic education in Qawmi Madaaress, in the South Asian context, was the driving force behind me nourishing the zeal to promote the message of the Qur’an. This system of education had instilled in me a pride of identity that was later reinforced to be a conviction.  Having had travelled far and wide across the academic field of university education, I realised that no glitter was strong enough to dazzle my earlier glow with the Qur’an. Later on, having been exposed to more and more of both the West and...

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