Author: Professor Shahjahan Khan

Mosque Open Day and Food Festival at Toowoomba

The Islamic Society of Toowoomba celebrated Open Day of the Garden City Mosque and the 5th Annual Toowoomba International Food Festival on Saturday 12 May 2018 at the Mosque premises. In spite of very cold and windy morning a large number of people turned up to share food, faith, fun and friendship with the Mosque community. Although the function was planned from 11am to 4 pm,  volunteers and people providing food and other services came much earlier to set up their stalls and welcome the visitors. The formal proceedings of speeches and questions and answers were held from 11:30 am...

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Planned extermination of Rohingyas in its final stage

The long term process of extermination of the Rohingyas is all very well known to the whole world. This includes systematic mass killing of a helpless civilian population, indiscriminate gang rapes of girls and women, burning of thousands of homes and places of worship, and forcing them to leave their ancestral land.  This horrific destruction of the most persecuted ethnic minority of the world has been happening with madness, arrogance and total disregard for any human rights and international obligations of Myanmar military led government and Buddhist nationalist thugs. If history is any evidence, then former Burmese and current Myanmar Government not only has a long record of deliberately denying facts on its criminal acts but also shifting the blames on the victims. Fabricated stories coming from the Myanmar Government officials and military leaders that the Rohingyas burned their own homes in Rakhine are only a part of the mountain of lies they have been using to hide their heinous crime. Myanmar Government has been also accused of oppressing a number of other ethnic groups such as Kachin, Chin, and Shan. These groups have been fighting against the Myanmar Government to gain freedom from the army-led rule and systematic discrimination. Many armed fighters of these groups are active in the southern Myanmar bordering northern Thailand. The whole world has seen the satellite images of hundreds of villages burning after...

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Australia urged to take lead in solving Rohingya issue

An open letter to Ms Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister of Australia. I thank you and the Australian Government for supporting the plight of Rohingyas in Myanmar and over half a million refugees in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, Australian Government was behind weakening the recent United Nations (UN) resolution in criticism of Myanmar. However, the UN has correctly referred the barbaric act of the Myanmar Government forces as a `textbook example of ethnic cleansing” and many world leaders have called it a genocide. Like many Australians and others, I fully share your assessment of the grave situation in Rakhine state of Myanmar and fear of dangerous radicalization of humiliated, stateless...

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Autonomy with citizenship for Rohingyas

When the rest of the world, including United Nations (UN) called “textbook ethnic cleansing” of Rohingyas in strife-torn Rakhine State of Myanmar, Head of Myanmar Armed Forces, General Min Aung Hlaing has reiterated his baseless claim that Rohingyas are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, and have no roots in Rakhine, despite living there for centuries.  In November 2016, Mr Yanghee Lee, the UN special investigator on Myanmar, noted that the Myanmar Government  wanted to expel its entire Rohingya population from Rakhine. If the UN or the world community took this matter seriously and acted timely to ensure citizenship of Rohingyas...

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`Marriage equity’ for not married and not equals

According to the Australian Marriage Equity website the demand of the LGBTQIA group is the following:  “We believe a person’s gender or sexuality should not affect their legal rights and responsibilities under Australian marriage law. Our approach to achieving marriage equality is through lobbying, advocacy and education.” The issue from their point of view is achieving legal rights and responsibilities. As citizens, if the state wants to recognize them the legal right, they should enjoy the rights within the legal system. Why would it require ‘marriage equity?’ I believe the phrase ‘marriage equity’ is misleading and deceiving as it...

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