Author: Philip Feinstein

Peacemaker: An Australian Jewish girl’s journey among Arabs

Young Australian Jewish woman Shifra Waks experienced something that most Australians probably just dream about. The 23 year old lived on-and-off in both Syria and Palestine for 4 years with Arab families, experiencing their cultures and way of life. At age 18 Shifra decided that she wanted to learn Arabic, which she calls an exotic language, to add to her language base of English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Her mother, Sheree, encouraged her to move to the Middle East to learn the language first hand as well as experiencing the culture – what better way than living with...

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Harmony Walk 2014

On Sunday 26 October, Sydney will again host the annual Harmony Walk, a wonderful celebration of life, encouraged by people who reflect the true Australian core of compassion and togetherness. The Harmony Walk brings together Australians from diverse national, ethnic and religious backgrounds to build an inclusive society, and to acknowledge and celebrate the enduring principles of fairness, harmony and respect. Mr Ernie Friedlander, founder and CEO of the Harmony Projects, said: “Harmony Day – Everyday is promoting the common values of Australia’s decent majority. In the process it addresses prejudices, discrimination, vilification and hate mongering. These inciting and...

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Who Am I?

Every week mark off some new ones… and read again those already marked off.  Download the PDF File Here I am great, I am powerful and I am beautiful. I am smart and full of good ideas. I am creative, unique and important. I will do the best I can and will pat myself on the back. I am proud of my achievements. I enjoy making music. I focus on the positive and attract only good things to myself. I can do anything I set my mind to. I believe in me, but I am not afraid to ask...

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