Author: Philip Feinstein

Soccer, Surf and Sailing – making peace with sport

They say that wars should be fought on the football field where, other than pride, no-one really gets hurt. There is a lot of merit in that idea, as has been proven over and over. Even during the 1st and 2nd World Wars, both the Allies and Germans were reported to have put down their arms for a game of soccer. This theory is now being practised again… In early 2013 a Muslim/Jewish team of Aussie Rules footballers calling themselves MULU, participated in the Melbourne Multicultural Unity Cup. Being an interfaith group, there were games played by both men...

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Music Instruments for forgotten refugees

Despite some of the Australian Detention Centres closing, there is still a huge gap when it comes to music instruments being supplied to stressful refugees in custody. When the detention centres at Pontville (Tasmania), Scherger (Queensland) and Port Augusta and Inverbrackie (South Australia) closed down, music instruments from those centres were transferred to other detention centres. But somehow Yongah Hill in Western Australia was forgotten. And the same can be said for the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres. There are many desperate refugees from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, as well as other places, who are stuck at those centres. And once again the Music for Refugee project is doing all it can to assist. With music instruments being donated from a variety of people in Sydney, including Christians, Jews and Muslims, Music for Refugees has shipped a large container of instruments to Yongah Hill. And this has come about with the assistance of SERCO, the managing agents of all mainland Australian detention centres, agreeing to deliver the consignment. The asylum seekers at Yongah Hill are in for a pleasant surprise when they see that guitars, ukuleles, violins and bongos, plus other instruments, are about to be delivered to them. Music for Refugees has also packaged two huge containers for delivery to Nauru and Manus Island. In this case the deliveries will also include guitars, ukuleles, bongos...

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Vortex for Peace: Interfaith dialogue

Recently, I attended the Together for Humanity ( gala dinner at the Sapphire Function Centre in Auburn. It attracted almost 250 Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and others who came to hear the former Governor, Marie Bashir, plus other extraordinary speakers and also to see a performance by the internationally acclaimed Aboriginal Cultural Dance Group: Minning Minni Kaiwarrine. One of the objectives of the Together for Humanity organisation is to bring together young people who have never met a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian or other faiths before. The evening commenced with an enthralling speech by student Ibrahim Sakar. He...

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We are all cousins: MEFF Interfaith Forum

On Sunday 12 October the MEFF Eid-ul-Adha Festival was held at Fairfield Showground, Sydney. Included in the festivities was an interfaith forum where three eminent speakers discussed the qualities of our forefather, Abraham/Ibrahim. The measure of this man’s wisdom and belief system was interestingly displayed by the three speakers who are followers of Jewish, Christian and Islamic Faiths. Jeremy Jones: At the outset Jeremy points out that a lot of the Hebrew Torah (Jewish bible) begins when Abraham is 75 years old. And within his family he showed vision, principle and leadership which culminated in the overall growth of...

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Peacemaker: An Australian Jewish girl’s journey among Arabs

Young Australian Jewish woman Shifra Waks experienced something that most Australians probably just dream about. The 23 year old lived on-and-off in both Syria and Palestine for 4 years with Arab families, experiencing their cultures and way of life. At age 18 Shifra decided that she wanted to learn Arabic, which she calls an exotic language, to add to her language base of English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Her mother, Sheree, encouraged her to move to the Middle East to learn the language first hand as well as experiencing the culture – what better way than living with...

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