Author: Manarul Islam

Police advice on dealing with racial abuse

The NSW Police engaged with the Queanbeyan Muslim community on Saturday 11 November at the Queanbeyan Scout Hall to discuss dealing with racial abuse. The event was organised through IFAM (Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims) ACT Chapter and Islamic Society of Queanbeyan, in response to a report of a case of racial abuse reported by one of the Muslim community members. The local Police crime prevention division took serious steps to stop such an unfortunate event from happening again and, to address the concerns of the Muslim community, conducted this information session so that the community were aware of the law and...

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“Surfer” Sheikh visits Canberra

Sheikh Haisam Farache, sometimes known as the “Surfer Sheikh” due to his active lifestyle, visited Canberra on 13 October for a series of talks and discussions. In his first talk, he leveraged his background as a Sydney lawyer and qualifications in shariah, to present a talk on Shariah Law: What is it and How is it implemented? in the JG Crawford Building at the Australian National University (ANU).   His second talk was a change of direction and focused on Spiritual Development in Modern Times. A third discussion on Madhabs (Islamic Legal Schools of Thought): Past, Present and Future was held in a more intimate atmosphere to...

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Deplorable or Adorable? Rural life and politics

Are our rural communities being sidelined in the political discourse? And is that likely to feed the further rise of right-wing groups who take advantage of this disassociation through fear and intolerance? These were some of the questions raised and addressed in a talk by the Guardian’s political correspondent, Gabrielle Chan on 26 October at the ACT Legislative Assembly hall. The talk, Deplorable or Adorable? Small town life and politics in rural Australia, was a precursor to a book Ms Chan is in the process of writing dealing with the role of rural communities in our political, economic and social psych. The talk was...

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New lease of life for Islamic School of Canberra

The parents of children attending the Islamic School of Canberra, in the suburb of Weston, were invited to an information session on Friday 13 October to meet the new board and hear the future plans for the school, which for the last year or so had been under immense financial and federal government pressure to close its doors. Earlier this year the Department of Education and Training (DET) had announced the cessation of funding on 30 June based on governance and financial viability issues. This was later extended to 15 December. In the meantime, the Islamic Practice and Dawah...

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Canberrans gather to support Rohingya refugees

The Nara Peace Park on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin on a fine spring day became the venue for a community-wide fundraising event for the Rohingya refugees. The fundraising, held on Sunday 15 October, was the brainchild of three active community members, Emad Soliman, Holly Vanderpol and Hajira Mohammed who worked tirelessly with the Muslim community in Canberra to make the arrangements and promote the event, with collaboration with Human Appeal International Australia and Charity Australia International who both collected the donations during the occasion. According to spokesman, Mr Soliman, the event collected in excess of $25,000 on the...

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