Author: Kyle Byrnes

Does charitable action change poverty?

Why should Australians, or citizens of any developed nation, donate their time, energy, and money to social causes which do not affect themselves? It is easy to see that apathy reigns for the modern Australian in regards to social issues. When governments decimate foreign aid budgets, reject those seeking asylum, and the world’s richest continue to increase their share of global wealth, it is understandable for group mentalities to waver towards the opinion that each individual must rectify their problems without the aid of others. When it appears everyone else is focused on self-servicing, the only logical conclusion is...

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Role of NGO’s in Afghanistan’s transformation

Afghanistan entered its planned decade of transformation in 2015 following a UN-led decade of transition from prior governmental rule. The aims of this transformation period are to make advances in development be Afghan-led and owned, where it is desired Afghans will be responsible for creating sustainable change from the outcomes of the UN-led transition. This transformation inevitably faces momentous issues, and as past experience has shown a complete, instantaneous withdrawal of international aid will create further instability. Afghanistan has shown progress in some areas, including minor gains in infrastructure, basic education, and health services. The major stumbling blocks to...

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Opportunity for Afghanistan’s most vulnerable

Afghanistan has been roiled in conflict and turmoil since the 1970’s.  Stranded between foreign invasion and internal conflicts over resources, power and ideology, Afghanistan’s citizens are trying to steer through a labyrinth of economic and social challenges.  Consequently, Afghanistan’s GDP per capita ranks in the poorest 30 nations in the world; whereby about one third of the nation’s 35 million strong population live below the poverty line. Furthermore, deteriorating security circumstances in recent years have seen a large increase in civilian casualties leaving behind numerous displaced children. The Human Rights Commission estimates that there are as many as 600,000...

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