Author: Jane Polkinghorne

Sometimes there is grief with gifting

John* sold his house and gifted the money to his daughter and her husband so she could buy a new home. The daughter built a granny flat for John to live in and be cared for by her. Later, the daughter and her husband had a falling out, which led to John being psychologically abused and told to move out. John now has no home, no money and a reduced pension, all consequences of the gift to his daughter. He faces extreme hardship, with the real possibility of being made homeless. This scenario is surprisingly common. You love your children,...

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Together making change to end elder abuse

  Over the past year there have been many reports of “elder abuse” – the abuse and neglect of older people. While many recent reports have revealed shocking problems in retirement villages and aged care, statistically the abuse of older people is most often caused by family members or someone trusted by the older person. It is the private and personal nature of elder abuse that makes it difficult to know how often and to whom it is happening. The abuse of older people occurs in all cultures and across all levels of society. The World Health Organisation estimates...

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