Author: Dr Javed Jamil

Rohingya Crisis: Let Humanity Prevail! A view from India

Rohingya crisis has become the latest addition to the unending chain of victimisation of Muslims. Again, there is hardly any surprise that Myanmar Government is trying to project them as terrorists. The wars, imported civil wars, invasions and riots are the illegitimate weapons of the strong. Terrorism is the illegitimate weapon of the week. The weapon may be illegitimate but the grievances are often if not always genuine. If the world witnessed “Muslim terrorism” in last two decades, it was partly if not wholly the result of the prosecution and persecution of Muslims for decades. They faced persecution by...

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Late Mr Jamil Ahmad: A practical visionary

An orphan in early childhood, my father Late Jamil Ahmad Sahab went on to live a long and successful life. His death on 10 January 2017 marked the end of a truly illustrious career.  Born in 1923, he had lost both his father and mother very early in his childhood and was taken care of by his brother Late Muhammad Yusuf Advocate who was about 10 years older than him. His career as a student, first in Govt Inter College, Meerut and then Meerut Degree College as a student of law was marked by high achievements. Always passing in...

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The Chilcot Report: The Coalition of the Willing must apologise to the Muslim World and pay compensation

After the release of the Chilcot Report, ideally the entire world would have stood united and demanded severest possible punishment to the perpetrators of a crime that led to the loss of at least 3 million innocent lives in Iraq. But when the lives lost were mostly of Muslims, why should the world bother about it? Even if the rest of the world had not done what it must have done, the Muslim World should have gone mad after US-British led Coalition of the Willing and had demanded an immediate apology to the whole Muslim world, the payment of...

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It’s a bipolar world now

For many decades, the world continued to be unipolar with America remaining unchallenged in its hegemony of the world. The whole of West, willingly or unwillingly, bowed to its diktats. It had become so unipolar that “international “almost always meant Western, or more specifically, American. American opinion was always right. It was changing regimes at will. The Islamic World was the worst sufferer. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt – all succumbed to its bombs. Syria was the only remaining country in the Arab World, which had refused to fall. It had the backing only of Iran, which has been a...

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With Iran deal, finally, Obama has proved himself

He may very well be accused of being the man behind the failure of Arab Spring, behind the Syrian and Libyan Civil wars, behind the Egypt’s failed revolution and behind the rise of ISIS. In recent years, he has been avoiding wars but has been promoting civil wars in the region. … But with Iran Deal, he can now rest assured that he will be remembered more as a President of Peace than as a President of War. This is indeed a historical movement not only for the world as a whole but also for Obama as individual. Finally,...

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