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In conversation with visiting poet, Sohail Shah

Mr Sohail Shah, poet and reciter of poems from Pakistan visited Australia and gave an exclusive interview to AMUST on Monday 4 December 2017 in Sydney. Mr Shah started writing from an early age and owes his literally success to his father and grandfather who were writers as well. He exclusively writes Hamd (poetry in praise to Allah) and Naat (poetry/lyrics in praise to  Prophet Muhammad (s). Mr Shah has also contributed another poetic literature known as Manqabat (Sufi devotional poems) Salaams and Nohas (mourning or expressing sorrows and tragedy). Mr Shah arrived in Australia on the 28 November...

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Hadiya, a victim of bigotry in India

Hadiya, a 24 years old Homeopathic Medical doctor from Kerala is currently under judicial house arrest by the order of the High Court of the state of Kerala having annulled her marriage to a Muslim man by the name Shafin Jahan.  Kerala, the Indian state with the highest literacy rate and excellent social indicators is also known for its religious harmony producing a cohesive society. She converted from Hinduism to Islam and changed her name from Akhila to Hadiya during her university days. Later she married a Muslim man after meeting him through a matrimonial site. Now her case is...

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Significance of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom

Muslims around the world celebrated Eid ul Adha on the 10th of Dhil Hajj, the 12th month of the Islamic calendar. This was also the day where two million Muslims performed Hajj in this year.   Eid ul Adha is also known as Eid e Qurban as it marks the great sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (a) when Almighty tested him by requiring his wiliness to sacrifice his only child Ismail.  The real sacrifice was replaced by a ram and this event became the fifth pillar of Islam – the Hajj. It is celebrated throughout the Muslim world with the symbolic sacrifice of a ram or similar permitted animal and the meat being distributed to the needy. The Islamic calendar which begins with the month of Muharram – starts with the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a) (625-680/4-61 AH), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (s).  He was mercilessly martyred in Karbala, Iraq with his family and friends on 10 Muharram. One may question the connectivity between these two occasions even though one event is an occasion for celebration and other event a sad commemoration. Prophet Ibrahim (a), the father of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) successfully accomplished all the commands of the Almighty, and was divinely elevated to the status of an Imam (endowed with leadership) and promised that good leadership would continue through to his...

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IAPP Inaugural Conference held in Sydney

On 19 August, 2017, Ambassadors for Peace from NSW, Victoria, Queensland and ACT, international guests from Fiji and Vanuatu attended the Inaugural Conference of International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) in Sydney.  There were more than 80 guests that attended the programme including Australian State and Federal Parliamentarians. The morning session held at the Oceania Peace Embassy in Sydney began with a country prayer conducted by an aboriginal elder Pearl Wymarra. Rev Shang Seon Park, the Regional Chairman of the  Universal Peace Foundation (UPF) welcomed the audience. This was followed by Dr Thomas Walsh, Chairman of UPF ‘s, address where he presented on the activities of UPF and the worldwide IAPP initiative. Hon David Clarke, MLC of NSW Parliament gave an inspirational introduction of UPF activities followed by John Bellavance, Vice President UPF presented on the topic; “Values in Leadership” and explained how IAPP can transcend party politics to focus on “head wing” thoughts based on universal ethical, moral and spiritual values. The morning session continued after a tea break with Greg Stone, President of the UPF Australia who presented on “Family Values and World Peace”. He further highlighted the profound importance of the family unit and the upholding of family values.  Family units are the foundations of a peaceful and prosperous society which furthers the nation building and ultimately to create a peaceful world. Anne Bellavance, Vice...

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Independence Day Celebrations for India and Pakistan

The 71st Independence Day celebrations for both India and Pakistan were held in Sydney organised by diplomatic missions as well as various community organisations.  The Pakistan Association of Australia (PAA) organised Pakistan’s 71st Independence Day celebration on Sunday 13 August was held at the Orion Function Centre in Campsie. Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on 14 August. The program was conducted as “Azadi Mela” which attracted people of Pakistani origin and others from all walks of life.  There were various stalls for food and other merchandise, cultural entertainment including songs and speeches by guests. The Consulate General of India...

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