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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani India visit focuses on Muslim Unity

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had a 3-day state visit to India from 14-16 February 2018. During his visit, he performed his Friday Juma prayers at the famous 17th century Makkah Masjid  in the city of Hyderabad, him and his full entourage praying behind the Mosque’s sunni Imam. Later he gave an hour-long speech in Persian focused on Shia and Sunni unity. He also said that Iran seeks brotherly relationship with all Muslim nations of the region, including India. He pointed out that Iran and India share a common historical and cultural relationship beyond political and economic ties. Rouhani further...

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Kashmir: an issue of humanity versus brutality

Kashmir is simply not an issue of dispute between India and Pakistan but today it is an issue of humanity versus brutality. Kashmir, the largest militarised zone in the world with more than 700,000 Indian boots carrying and using lethal weapons with impunity under the legal protection known as AFSPA, Armed Forces Special Powers Act. This gives Indian forces a free hand to do what they will without any accountability. AFSPA enables the military to carry out gross human rights abuses that include enforced disappearances, torture, rape, sexual abuse and cold blooded murder. The latest series of violence began...

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Anniversary of Islamic Revolution marked in Sydney and Canberra

 The 39th anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution was held on Saturday 10 February 2018 at the Civic Theatre, Hurstville City Council in Sydney. The program began with the recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Mustafa Ashrafi followed by both the Iranian and Australian national anthems.  Haji Hussein Dirani of Ahlul-Bait World Assembly, the organising body welcomed the guests. Mr Shaoquett Moselmane MLC highlighted that Australian and Iran had strengthened its bilateral relationship through trade and culture. Dr Tim Anderson from the University of Sydney highlighted the achievements of the Islamic Republic, such as longer life expectancy, excellence...

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In conversation with visiting poet, Sohail Shah

Mr Sohail Shah, poet and reciter of poems from Pakistan visited Australia and gave an exclusive interview to AMUST on Monday 4 December 2017 in Sydney. Mr Shah started writing from an early age and owes his literally success to his father and grandfather who were writers as well. He exclusively writes Hamd (poetry in praise to Allah) and Naat (poetry/lyrics in praise to  Prophet Muhammad (s). Mr Shah has also contributed another poetic literature known as Manqabat (Sufi devotional poems) Salaams and Nohas (mourning or expressing sorrows and tragedy). Mr Shah arrived in Australia on the 28 November...

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Hadiya, a victim of bigotry in India

Hadiya, a 24 years old Homeopathic Medical doctor from Kerala is currently under judicial house arrest by the order of the High Court of the state of Kerala having annulled her marriage to a Muslim man by the name Shafin Jahan.  Kerala, the Indian state with the highest literacy rate and excellent social indicators is also known for its religious harmony producing a cohesive society. She converted from Hinduism to Islam and changed her name from Akhila to Hadiya during her university days. Later she married a Muslim man after meeting him through a matrimonial site. Now her case is...

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