Author: Gulhan Eryegit Yoldas

Positive lessons from the “Flinders Street Incident”

The first footage of the man who allegedly drove into pedestrians on Flinders street in Melbourne on December 21st really captured the true nature of this crime.   As the two officers were holding Saeed Noori on the ground, he was pretending to be unconscious or asleep only to be slapped awake by one of the officers. In the evening of that day, Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton explained during a press conference that Saeed Noori is a person known to police and has a history of mental health problems and a history of drug abuse. In the following...

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Australian Muslim Talent showcase at SoL 2017

A large number of young individuals and school choirs showcased their creative talents at the Sounds of Light 2017 held in all major cities of Australia from 23 to 27 November. The internationally-recognised Sounds of Light Charity Concert (SoL) is a mega-event on the calendar of the Australian Muslim community with destinations nationwide in order to bring Muslim communities together for an evening of delightful entertainment and benefit orphans and disadvantaged children overseas. This year SoL concerts were held in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane where crowd favourite Maher Zain from Sweden returned to Australia along with comedian...

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Freedom of Religion under threat

Surprise surprise Australian Muslims voted No for marriage equality in line with their Islamic faith.   Not surprisingly the first few articles in mainstream media following the Yes Vote win took the opportunity to fester greater hostility and prejudice towards Australian Muslims by pointing out that the largest ratio of No Votes came from high Muslim demographic regions in NSW.  These, of course, included Punchbowl, Greenacre and Lakemba. These attempts to alienate the Muslim community doesn’t change the fact that even if every single Muslim in Australia voted NO, that still accounts for only around 2% of the entire population.  That’s a tiny fraction of the 5 million Australians who are largely non-Muslim, who voted No. Thankfully there is a significant percentage of Australians who uphold the conservative Christian values upon which Australia was founded. The Australian Christian Lobby, lead by Lyle Shelton, represents over 800,000 Australians and is a grassroots movement advocating for Christian values and ethics to be reflected in the political life of the nation.   Mr Shelton has been very vocal in advocating for freedom of speech. This week he writes “the freedom of speech of 5 million Australians is about to be wiped out before Christmas” in response to the recent appointment of former Liberal minister Phillip Ruddock to examine if Australian Law protects religious freedom. Many Australians are rightfully concerned that freedom of religion...

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Upcoming Art & Technology Exhibition at Al-Siraat

The Al Siraat College Art and Technology Exhibition will be held on Friday 17 November 2017 from 2.30pm to 5.30pm at the School campus. The walls of Al Siraat College will be showcasing the beautiful artworks made by their creative and enthusiastic students, who will be presented with the Art and Technology awards. Imagine being surrounded by colour as you walk through the hallways of our school. You will be mesmerised by our students art and technology pieces. Not only will you get to admire these artworks, you may purchase them as well. There will be children’s art activities...

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SalamFest set to Impress Melbournians

  This November an exciting new community engagement initiative is taking place in the heart of Melbourne, expected to attract thousands.  SalamFest, a family-friendly festival which captures the true message of Islam – ‘Peace, Love and Compassion’, will be running from 24 to 26 November. This festival of peace is designed to showcase and celebrate contemporary Muslim art, culture and cuisine with the wider community. We interviewed Ayesha Bux, the founder of SalamFest, to discuss how this incredible idea came about and what the event aims to achieve for the Muslim community and the broader community; “My family, now in...

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