Author: Fazlul Huq

They look after themselves

They take great care of the flower plants like the roses bush, chrysanthemum, daffodils and orchids, gardenia and the jasmine, As they also tender herbs and spices such as the chilly and curry plants, coriander and the bay leaf, mint and the rosemary bush, And fruit trees such as the apple and the mango, lychee and the jujube, pear and the jack fruit, And vegetables such as cauliflower and the cabbage, tomatoes and the capsicum, potatoes and the carrots, lettuce and the cucumber. But nobody looks after the weeds so they fend for themselves, More so because the humans...

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Needle in a Haystack

Trapped like a needle in the haystack, Warped like a riddle in the mindset, Tuned like a jingle in the cortex, Grown like a chick in the nest egg. Bonded like a herd in the hamlet, Drawn like a fiddle in the singlet, Floated like a king in the rivulet, Sounded like a ring on the winglet. Played like a note on the octet, Paved like a coat at the sunset, Driven like a clown in the blanket, Mounted like a frown in the bush net. Laughing like a craze in the drag net, Puffing like a blaze at...

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As branch of the vine touches the ground

As the branch of the vine covered with leaves made  in endless green remains in touch with the ground, As if determined to decorate  the cylindrical base with threads of green, Although more would be made  on the well shaped platform where  tiny vines made from the mother stem  would make the lace and the bush, And so would be done by the identical  one seen in the ambience, While the plants made on pedestals  would have constant look at all things including displays and the greens, Made in the near field and far...

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As the boy continued to look at the magnolia tree

As the boy continued to look at the magnolia adorned with flowers made in sparkling white and the leaves shiningin glazed green, Soon he found himself changedinto a flower on the mighty magnolia bush, And as he was hanging from treeundulating in most gentle breeze and the violent wind, While the honeybees sat and pokedto collect the nectar as they sang tuneof the spring, But when his mum came looking for him,He yelled out to say that he was rightthere hanging from the tree, Although she did not hear the words made,Something within made her stay motionless at the...

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The Nest

Standing on a platform of rocks and stones,Peeping through a veil of casuarina and gum trees,A fire-trail divide between the place and beyond,Engulfing darkness of black hole at night! Banksia and other natives garlanding the body,Dawn singing of early rising birds,Infrequent sighting of deadly reptiles,A meeting place for leporid mammals,Ready to withdraw even at the faintest sound. Lychie, mango, guava and other fruit trees,The long shy arms resonating with the breeze,The vine necklace covering the bare bones,Robinias eager to shake hands with one and all. Distant views of the Blue Mountains,The roaring sound from storm water drain,Asimina trilobas shading...

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