Author: Fazlul Huq

Living in Solitude

Resident of a safe enclosure, A force field that none can penetrate, Except at the owner’s command, Even then no guarantee of an audience! Expressed in a myriad of forms, An eternal disguise in camouflage, Occasionally peeping through the veil, As if playing the game of hide and seek. At times standing still without the slightest movement, At other times traveling at the lightning speed, Away from the meddling crowd, Towards a far-off place that no one can locate. Lost in labyrinth of the maze, Or confined in a chamber of the place, A prolonged wait to meet the...

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As mirrors are made by drops of rain

As the mirrors are madeby drops of rain resting onthe leaves of the gum trees, That would be seen to reflectmore when the fattened leavesmove at the push of the mostgentle breeze, While the sun would be backto make the heightened burnwhen the cover would be no morebut the mugginess in the airwould be so much more, As if the nature would be benton taking the...

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Desert Bloom

Glorify the Lord when you witness the desert bloom, Praise the Creator when you hear the nature’s tune, Prime in goodness as the goodness elevates, Pray in eagerness as the prayer permeates.                       Sovereignty belongs to the Creator, The God in Heavens and the God on Earth, The Living, the Eternal, The Forgiving, the Merciful, The Immense and the Exalted, The Ever-Existent and the Timeless, The Self-Sufficient and the Needless! The One and the Only One!   I submit to the Will of the Creator, I sing His Glory and Praise, I witness that God is the Lord, Of...

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They look after themselves

They take great care of the flower plants like the roses bush, chrysanthemum, daffodils and orchids, gardenia and the jasmine, As they also tender herbs and spices such as the chilly and curry plants, coriander and the bay leaf, mint and the rosemary bush, And fruit trees such as the apple and the mango, lychee and the jujube, pear and the jack fruit, And vegetables such as cauliflower and the cabbage, tomatoes and the capsicum, potatoes and the carrots, lettuce and the cucumber. But nobody looks after the weeds so they fend for themselves, More so because the humans...

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Needle in a Haystack

Trapped like a needle in the haystack, Warped like a riddle in the mindset, Tuned like a jingle in the cortex, Grown like a chick in the nest egg. Bonded like a herd in the hamlet, Drawn like a fiddle in the singlet, Floated like a king in the rivulet, Sounded like a ring on the winglet. Played like a note on the octet, Paved like a coat at the sunset, Driven like a clown in the blanket, Mounted like a frown in the bush net. Laughing like a craze in the drag net, Puffing like a blaze at...

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