Author: Fazlul Huq

The Nest

Standing on a platform of rocks and stones,Peeping through a veil of casuarina and gum trees,A fire-trail divide between the place and beyond,Engulfing darkness of black hole at night! Banksia and other natives garlanding the body,Dawn singing of early rising birds,Infrequent sighting of deadly reptiles,A meeting place for leporid mammals,Ready to withdraw even at the faintest sound. Lychie, mango, guava and other fruit trees,The long shy arms resonating with the breeze,The vine necklace covering the bare bones,Robinias eager to shake hands with one and all. Distant views of the Blue Mountains,The roaring sound from storm water drain,Asimina trilobas shading...

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Beauty in the Oddity 2

At a first look the odd shaped object would be seen to lack in elegance and more so from the far distance,  But as you approach to be in its near field, You may witness more of the beauty  made in symmetry and harmony, Because what was obscure from the  far distance would be no longer so! And now if you step back to heighten the distance,  You may continue to witness its beauty  and harmony, As if they eyes have gained in power and prowess, Enabled by the memories engraved  in the tapestry of the mind and...

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Coping with the harshness of life

Battered by the prose of life day and night, He learned to cope with calamities and the denial of opportunities, As he was determined right from the beginning not to be swept by the tsunamis of life, He knew that he would have to make his way when the path was absent, And he would have to learn how to swim over the roughest ocean. Nothing in terms of hurdles and calamities would make him lose the focus and resolve. But he never learned how to cope with the love and care, tenderness and praise, As these were unknown...

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Standing still at the fall of the night

Standing still and focused on the far distant, It was the moment just after  the sun had said goodbye, Where the mountain range, Would tangle with the western  horizon and the near sky, To create the glow of redness not just on the lips but all over  the body and face. Was it from the joy and thrill or  was it an expression of sadness  in the heart and mind, But why was that so? You might have asked! But then why would you lose time  in wonder, As the moments at hand were  in transience, With the change...

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What is witnessed cannot be the Absolute

What is witnessed cannot be the Absolute, And what is not witnessed cannot be fully understood, Because everything in the universe that is a part of the creation, Exists only in the frame of time and space, And before the Big Bang there was no universe. Contrast this with the Creator, The Timeless and the Constant, Who exists independent of Time and Space. Lest you forget! The creations can never fully comprehend the Creator, His Majesty and the Glory! So quarrel not about who is right and who is wrong. And let you say in mind, body and soul: “Sovereignty Belongs to the Creator, The God in Heavens and the God on Earth, The Living, the Eternal, The One and the Only One, The Provider of all things large and...

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Winner of PMMA 2016

Winner PMMA

september, 2017

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23sep10:00 am- 4:00 pmHow To Pray Workshop

24sep9:00 am- 9:00 pmMy Life, Our Reality, The FutureTwins of Faith Sydney 2017

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