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2nd Annual Australian Islamic Education Forum in Sydney

The 2nd Annual Australian Islamic Education Forum will be held in Sydney on Saturday 24 February 2018 hosted by Arkana College. Educators in Islamic education and schooling contexts are invited to register for this premier professional development event for Islamic education in the country. The registered delegates will be able to join the ongoing conversation and take away practical tips and understandings on evidenced-based practice at the cutting edge of the field. The 2018 Forum theme ‘Islamic Schooling Renewal – A Focus on Curriculum’ offers delegates a highly relevant focus that is timely. Sessions are practical and interactive delivered by experienced...

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New teacher training programs from CITE filling a void for educators of Muslim students

The Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) and the School of Education, University of South Australia (UniSA) will launch two new and exciting on-line programs in 2018.  The programs are sure to be attractive to current and prospective Islamic school educators as well as educators of Muslim students in other schools. They are the first and only qualifications of their kind in Australia. They aim to fill a void in formal, accredited teacher training and professional learning programs. The first program, a Master of Teaching (secondary) provides a pathway to becoming a teacher in Australia with a specialisation in Islamic pedagogy for those with a relevant undergraduate degree. The second program, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Islamic Education) offers professional learning for existing teachers aligned with contemporary educational polices, standards and practices, within the framework of Islamic pedagogy. For readers not acquainted with the term Islamic pedagogy, this refers simply to the principles of education derived from the Islamic tradition that inform what we teach and learn, and the way we teach and learn. The programs respond to the long-held need for formal teacher training and professional learning programs in Islamic pedagogy within an established faculty of education. As far back as the First World Conference on Islamic Education in Mecca in 1977, the need for a teacher education program was identified. CITE Program Director for Islamic Education,...

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Islamic Schooling Conference focuses on Curriculum

Educators, policy makers and thought leaders gathered on the 11 and 12 July for the second Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference held at picturesque Yurebilla, known also as MT Lofty in Adelaide Hills. The theme explored at the conference was that of curriculum in Islamic schooling. These now whole-of-field gatherings hosted by the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) aim to assist in the transition from the establishment phase in the field of Islamic schooling to an exciting phase of renewal, bolstering the momentum needed to forge best practice across the sector. So far, the response to our...

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Australian Islamic Schooling Conference

Adelaide is set to host the 2nd Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference from Tuesday 11 to Wednesday 12 July organised by the University of South Australia’s Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) and supported by Islamic Schools Association (ISAA) of Australia.  Presenters and delegates from all over Australian as well as from North America, Indonesia, Brunei and New Zealand come together for this now central International conference on Islamic schooling. This event is the premier gathering for scholars, academics, policy specialists, educational leaders, teacher researchers, and educational partners in the field of Islamic schooling. Across two days the...

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