Author: Dr Daud Batchelor

China civilised? Destroying good will in the Muslim world

Recently, this writer was in Dubai about to board a Chinese flight to Brisbane via Urumqi, the Xinjiang capital. Surprisingly, permission was refused as my ticket required three-hour’s stopover while the new regulation only allowed two. I purchased a costly emergency ticket to get home. What secrets were being hidden around Urumqi? China for many years but especially since 2017 has severely punished Muslims for normal Islamic practices such as praying, fasting, growing a beard, wearing hijab, Islamic marriages and funerals, especially in Xinjiang (East Turkestan) that is now an oppressive police state. Xi Jinping, President of China, is...

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Australia cedes its foreign policy in support of a rogue state

The US and Israel have ‘outed’ in recent weeks confirming their true nature – states that bully nations and disrespect international law and the UN. With Israel’s massacre of 60 Palestinians on the Gaza border, the Palestinian Authority urged the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel’s “grave crimes,” as well as its illegal settlements. Shockingly, Australia jettisoned its cherished value of ‘a fair go’ for the disadvantaged.  It was the only country with the US rejecting a UN Human Rights Council resolution to investigate. Aggravating world conflict, President Donald Trump shattered peace hopes by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear...

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Saudis neglect the Ummah while embracing US-Israel

What a brilliant US-Israeli strategy! As Saudi Arabia is now ruled by an aged monarch and young Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, get Saudis to buy billions of dollars of US weapons, provide skewed intelligence suggesting they risk Iranian attack, and promote an alliance with Israel. Then fire them up on the millennia-long feud between Persians and Arabs and the Shia-Sunni divide. You can then engender a crushing war with Iran that obliterates both leading states. This outcome will remove impediments for expansion of Greater Israel to borders of a biblical kingdom extending from the Nile to Euphrates Rivers....

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‘Muslims Like Us’ Insightful but Not Typical

The SBS TV documentary, ‘Muslims Like Us’ screened on 21 and 22 February 2018. Ten Muslims of diverse backgrounds and often diametrically opposed outlooks lived together in one Sydney house for eight days. Four were practising Muslims; the others held their own views on what it meant to be Muslim. It was a public spectacle, set up with potential adversaries that would engender tension, conflict and argument. There was, however, a genuine effort for mutual understanding. Some were well-known – Nigerian/Aboriginal ex-NRL footy star Jamal Idris, Ex-Iranian poet, Kaveh, and female boxing champion, Bianca Elmir. Others included Aisha, law graduate of...

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Truth-seekers to Islam through the ages

Anselm Turmeda, a prominent 14th Century Franciscan scholar in Europe trained for the priesthood. Once when his ill teacher was absent fellow seminarians discussed meaning of the mysterious ‘Paraclete” whom Jesus in John’s Gospel (14:25-28) explained: “your [Paraclete] whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything, and will call to mind all I gave you.” The similar Greek word ‘Periklutos’ means ‘Ahmed’ in Arabic. Turmeda went to the house of his teacher who asked, “What did you study today?” Turmeda informed on the disagreement about the Paraclete’s identity. He advised the name is known only...

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