Author: Dr Daud Batchelor

Islam firm on eternal values ‘The West’ is discarding

Australian society has fractured into traditionalists upholding religious values, and self-styled ‘progressive’ reformists discarding them.  Many traditionalists however, are open to reforms, while progressives are discarding together with bad policies many values basic to societal wellbeing – ‘throwing out baby with the bathwater’. The 2016 Census confirmed Australia is barely a Christian country with Christians falling from 88% of the population in 1966 to just 51%. Young adults frequently reported having no religion (39%) or affiliated with non-Christian religions (12%). Developing public policies on abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia depart from traditional Christian positions that were underpinned by the Ten Commandments similar to Islamic Law. Islam’s role today is in upholding civilisational values as a beacon and the remaining succour for humanity otherwise heading towards disaster in increasingly individualistic societies. Following widespread abuse of children in its institutions, Christianity has become ineffective in preventing rejection of traditional values and is “perceived by more Australians … as implausible, undesired or irrelevant”. Islam stands for submission to God’s commands; Respecting rule of law; Chastity before marriage, finding sexual fulfilment in marriage between man and woman; Importance of traditional families; Honouring parents; Respectable dressing; and Sacredness of personal property. These values are being challenged by ‘progressives’ today. Interestingly, there is no apparent conflict in these with the ‘Australian Values Statement’ requiring acceptance by non-citizens before being granted visas by Australian immigration. Islam...

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Unjustified stand against Qatar

The Ramadan spirit was abruptly impacted from breaking of brotherly ties with Gulf neighbour, Qatar, by a Saudi-led alliance including UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.  They cut transport links, applied economic sanctions, barred Qatar flights from entering their airspace, and criminalised the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas resistance. This action is seen as against Islamic teachings and has negative repercussions for the Muslim world. The four states have been urged to re-establish normal relations. There is no good in disunity, which is severely condemned (al-Qur’an 3:103): “Hold fast, all together, by the Rope of Allah, and be not divided among yourselves...

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Murdoch Media’s misleading Islamophobic stance continues

Rupert Murdoch’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch, endeared Australian hearts by exposing British incompetent leadership in the WW1 Gallipoli landings, which resulted in appalling loss of life of the ANZACS. Is this why successive governments facilitated excessive control of newsfeed by the Murdoch media?   Australia has the most concentrated mass media ownership in western countries, with News Corp controlling two-thirds of major newspapers and Foxtel (50%) too. “Australians have less different voices to use upon which to make their decisions than almost any other place in the free world”. News Corp’s flagship paper, The Australian, often misleads Australians with...

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Rohingyas suffering genocide: Australia should act

The taxi driver taking me to my Yangoon Hotel in 2014 pointed out the affluent dwellings of the city’s Muslims as we passed by. Appearances suggest amicable relations exist with the Muslim minority in the capital.   Opposite is the case in Rakhine state (Arakan) bordering Bangladesh where actions of Myanmar and local governments reflect a wish to extinguish their Muslim communities. Queen Mary University crime experts recently concluded that Myanmar state policies are ‘genocidal’ and Aung San Kyi’s government has “entrenched persecution of the Rohingyas”. The Economist reported that many believe Rohingyas are the “most persecuted people on...

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Worst global refugee crisis: US to blame

Most probably the recent UN declaration that the world is experiencing the worst-ever recorded refugee crisis, with 65 million persons displaced, is the successful outcome of United States-Israeli destabilisation strategies against Middle Eastern countries.  Muslims comprise the greatest majority of displaced persons.  As a revenge response of massive, indiscriminate violence to the 9/11 attacks, “The US has fuelled the conflicts in all five nations [Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen] from which most refugees are fleeing, and is directly responsible for the violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya” (Norton, 2015). “Smoke, mirrors and deception” is the essence of warfare.  Let...

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