Author: Dr Daud Batchelor

Our Australian-Indonesian destiny

Indonesia, the Muslim world’s largest democracy, contradicts One Nation’s website that “Islam is incompatible with democracy.” Indonesia protects minorities and religious freedoms in its pluralistic Pancasila system adopted by 260 million people of whom 88 percent are Muslims. During my first 1971 visit I was welcomed with open arms and provided great hospitality even by poor households – which promoted my personal acceptance of Islam. Indonesians admired Australia then as we provided key support for their independence.  Our relations since have been volatile although former PM Keating and even Tony Abbott exclaimed that Indonesia is “our most important neighbour.”...

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Well-being is accepting one’s Fitrah state

Muslims acknowledge that God Almighty created everything in the Universe and ordered it following His divine laws.  ‘Fitrah’ means ‘sound human nature’ as God created it. ‘Fatara’ in Arabic means ‘to create.’ Prophet Muhammad (s) clarified this: “There is none born but is created to his true nature (Islam). It is his parents who make him a Jew, Christian or Magian, quite as beasts produce their young with their limbs perfect. Do you see anything deficient in them? Then he quoted the Qur’an, ‘The nature (fitrah) made by Allah in which He has created men; there is no altering...

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ISIS is neither Islamic nor ‘Islamist’

Following the 17 August  Barcelona terror attack claimed by ISIS, PM Malcolm Turnbull condemned this atrocity as ‘Islamist terrorism.’ Similarly, he warned on 2 June of the “global threat of Islamist terrorism”. An ‘Islamist’ follows ‘Islamism’ – a term that appeared in the 1970s in the Maghreb used by Muslims who believed Islam as a holistic religion incorporates political elements (Roy 1985). In a Muslim majority country, where Muslims practice their religion, they may prefer governance based on Islam rather than retaining purely secular colonial laws. An Islamist would try to adhere to Islam in his/her practices. This is...

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Reconciliation to end sectarian conflicts

Yemen pre-War was the poorest Arab country with high child mortality rates and the severest water scarcity. Violence escalated to war in 2015 pitting Iranian-supported Houthis controlling north Yemen against Saudi-led US-supported forces who hold the South.  More than 10,000 people have been killed, WHO announced in May the world’s worst cholera outbreak with 1,400 children dead, while coalition air strikes hit hospitals, schools and funerals that likely represent war crimes. The war is intractable without hope of resolution unless Saudi Arabia and Iran compromise in the wider interests of the Muslim Ummah. Ongoing Syrian civil war similarly strains...

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Islam firm on eternal values ‘The West’ is discarding

Australian society has fractured into traditionalists upholding religious values, and self-styled ‘progressive’ reformists discarding them.  Many traditionalists however, are open to reforms, while progressives are discarding together with bad policies many values basic to societal wellbeing – ‘throwing out baby with the bathwater’. The 2016 Census confirmed Australia is barely a Christian country with Christians falling from 88% of the population in 1966 to just 51%. Young adults frequently reported having no religion (39%) or affiliated with non-Christian religions (12%). Developing public policies on abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia depart from traditional Christian positions that were underpinned by the Ten Commandments similar to Islamic Law. Islam’s role today is in upholding civilisational values as a beacon and the remaining succour for humanity otherwise heading towards disaster in increasingly individualistic societies. Following widespread abuse of children in its institutions, Christianity has become ineffective in preventing rejection of traditional values and is “perceived by more Australians … as implausible, undesired or irrelevant”. Islam stands for submission to God’s commands; Respecting rule of law; Chastity before marriage, finding sexual fulfilment in marriage between man and woman; Importance of traditional families; Honouring parents; Respectable dressing; and Sacredness of personal property. These values are being challenged by ‘progressives’ today. Interestingly, there is no apparent conflict in these with the ‘Australian Values Statement’ requiring acceptance by non-citizens before being granted visas by Australian immigration. Islam...

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