Author: Bilal Cleland

Culture wars in Australian academia

Richard Denniss pointed out just how intense the attack has been:
“After the ANU expressed concern that the Ramsay Centre might seek excessive influence that would impede academic freedom, the university was openly criticised by a prime minister, a former prime minister, a raft of front benchers and prominent national commentators. Put simply, the ferocity and power of the attack on the ANU is the clearest proof that they made the right decision.” [16 June 2018 The Age]

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The Concentration of Wealth and Power Leads to Injustice

Written no doubt with European imperialism and fascism and its ludicrous leaders in mind, Maududi wrote: “The desire for godhood can take root only in the head of man. It is only man’s excessive lust for power and desire for exploitation that prompts him to impose himself on other people as a god and compel their obedience, force them to bow down before him in reverential awe and make them instruments for his self aggrandisement. The pleasure of posing as a god is more delicious than anything that man has yet been able to discover.” 

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Changing attitudes to Combatants and Civilians

One of the great changes in warfare we can see over this period is in the attitude towards soldiers and civilians. The American allies in 2003 expended much effort in ensuring there were as few allied casualties as possible, knowing that a high death toll, as in the Vietnam War, would cause political chaos at home. Huge demonstrations at home in the Coalition of the Willing did nothing to stop the war, but warned of the potential political cost.

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The Islamic roots of our constitutional monarchy

The Glorious Revolution of 1688, upon which our modern constitutional monarchy is based, is rooted in the example the Deists and Protestant Mahometans of Britain took from what they called “the Islamic Republic of Muhammad (s).” That revolution ushered in the notion of limited constitutional government, with an Executive bound by law and the will of parliament. No longer was the king to be God’s representative. whose will was equal to the Will of God. Written in the context of the “War on Terror” and the use of anti-Muslim rhetoric to promote conservative political agendas, Garcia in “Islam and...

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