Author: Dr Q Ashfaq Ahmad

Book Review: The Book that Contains No Doubt

  I know Dr Rashid Raashed as a learned scholar having studied traditional Islam from esteemed  Islamic scholars first in Bangladesh and then in Middle East.  After migrating to Australia and while serving the community here in Sydney in various capacity including an Imam, he completed his masters degree from the University of Sydney and doctorate from Macquarie University. But now I realise that he is another adventurous explorer like me in the field of Islam especially pertaining to the Quran, the lofty exalted message of the supreme Creator, Sustainer, God (Khaaliq, Rabb, Allah respectively). For long I have been anxious for a generation of  genuine explorers to present the message of noble ideas of Islamic doctrine through the Quran in depth in the modern context for the present secular modern society of Muslims and non-Muslims. The beauty of this book is that it presents the context in a modern comprehensible way of understanding in the main field of Islam. Dr Raashed has made critical analyses of significant issues and events in the Quran and extrapolated them to our contemporary times. It is very important in the present age to present the comprehensive message of Islam as taught and conveyed by the last Prophet. Islam is the only one divine religion given to all the prophets and messengers selected and ordered by the One God (Allah). The Qur’an is...

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Sir Syed’s mission towards modernisation

(This is an English rendering from Urdu of Professor Iftikhar Alam Khan’s article “Sir Syed ka rawayat se inharaf” published in AMU Alumni of Australia Magazine November 2017, 25th Anniversary Edition while celebrating Sir Syed’s 200th birthday anniversary). The thoughts and actions of Sayyid Ahmad Khan (Sir Syed), who pioneered the educational movement in India during the second half of the nineteenth century, indicate that he was a highly enlightened person advocating modernisation. He propagated the idea of integration of knowledge and an educational system in accordance with the demands and requirements of the contemporary period, against the ongoing outdated traditional style...

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Book Review: Rehan Alavi’s “Ek Ghazal, Ek Kahani”

I was not able to attend the launch of the latest book by Rehan Alavi Saheb: Ek Ghazal Ek Kahani due to health reasons. But my son Zia Ahmad was kind enough to pass a signed copy of the book the same afternoon after its launch on Sunday 22 October. I read the whole book from cover in one sitting the same day, as is my habit whenever I get a new book and indeed found it extraordinary. Contradicting its title “One Poem One Story, the book as a matter of facts is a collection of 20 poems and...

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As-Sabur The Timeless, The Most Patient, The Patiently Enduring (He Who Times Everything Perfectly)

Substituting number 99 Attribute. We assert that the most important criterion for the distinction between the attributes of Allah under Asma-ul-Husna depends upon its inclusion either within the verses of the Quran, or mentioned in the authentic hadith of the Prophet, or within some authentic tafsir/commentary of any one of the renowned exegeses. Hence we submit the following two divisions of the parts A and B on this basis. A – By and for those who specify this attribute specifically as Number 99 of the attributes of Allah in Asma ul Husna.  Note that points 1 to 4 can...

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The 99 Divine attributes of Allah – Part 36 – Attribute 98 Ar-Rashid

This issue continues the series exclusive to AMUST on the 99 divine attributes of Allah.  Read previous parts at 98.  Ar-Rashid – The Only Guide to the Path Indeed, the criminals will be in the punishment of Hell, abiding eternally.  It will not be allowed to subside for them, and they, therein, are in despair.  And We did not wrong them, but it was they who were the wrongdoers.1 And they will call, “O Malik, let your Lord put an end to us!” He will say, “Indeed, you will remain.”  We had certainly brought you the truth, but most...

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