Author: Anne Fairbairn AM  PhD (Hon)

‘Oh Desert’ by Ghazi al Gosaibi

I’ve searched the world.. without finding Land more barren, Love more pure, Or rage more fierce than yours. I came back to you, oh desert, Sea-spray on my face; In my mind, a mirage of tears, A shadow moving in the  sea before dawn And a golden flash of braided hair. On my lips, two lines of poetry – A song without echo. I came back to you, disenchanted. I’ve found there’s No trust between human beings. I came back to you deprived; The world’s like a rib cage Without a heart. Love is a word Devoid of love. I came back to you defeated; I’ve been fighting life’s battles With a sword forged from feeling. I came back to you.. and laid my anchor On the sand. As I washed my face with dew It seemed you were calling me. Then you whispered: “Have you come back to me, my child?” Yes .. mother .. I came back to you. A child, forever grieving, Flew to God’s countries; Unable to find his nest, He came back to search for his life in you. I came back to you, oh desert, I’ve thrown away my quiver and ceased wandering. I dally in your night-web Of Mystery, Breathing on the soft winds of the Najd* The fragrance of Araar*. In you I live for poetry and moons.   NOTE *Najd:...

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Australia Day: Aboriginal sensitivities must be recognised

Aboriginal people had been living for more than 70,000 years on the continent we now know as Australia. Thousands of generations of these people had lived and died here. Europeans from the thirteenth century became interested in details from Asia about this land in the South. From the sixteenth century, European cartographers and navigators gave the continent various names, including Terra Australis (Southern Land) and New Holland. Captain James Cook from Britain raised the Union Jack on what is now called Possession Island on 22 August to claim the eastern half of the continent as New South Wales for Great Britain. In 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip, commander of the British...

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A very happy new year to all Aussie Muslims

Many Muslims have migrated to Australia during recent years and have been greatly contributing to and enriching our Country in so many ways over the last one hundred and fifty years. Many have come from the area where civilization began; others from countries such as Pakistan and Indonesia. There is a higher percentage of Australian Muslims with Bachelor and Post Graduate degrees here than the total Australian population. Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair is held each year at the end of Ramadan and which I so enjoy attending since it always gives a picture of the richness of Muslim lives and culture. This indeed is symbolised by the Multicultural Media Award presented to this wonderful Newspaper by the Premier of New South Wales. Over the years I have been invited to many universities in Muslim countries where I spoke about Australia and our poets and artists and I learned about the wonderful poets and artists in Arab countries and in Pakistan. This is why I decided to compose an anthology of Arabic poetry which has the title ‘Feathers And The Horizon’. While in many of the countries I learned a great deal about the suffering of Palestinians as a result of the Balfour declaration which caused much anger among Muslims and Christians in the area. Now I feel sure there is also much anger about the President of the...

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Fadwa Tuqan: The Poet of Palestine

Fadwa Tuqan became the Grand Dame of Palestinian letters, and was also known as ‘The Poet of Palestine.’ She is considered to be one of the very best contemporary Arab poets. I always used to attend the annual poetry festival held in Baghdad for many years when Saddam Hussein was in Power. I met Professor Jabra Ibrahim Jabra the head of the Department of Literature at Baghdad University and we became very good friends. He was a Palestinian. He taught me a great deal about the Poetry of the Arabs which helped me compose my anthology of Arabic poetry...

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The Balfour Declaration: Ancestral concerns

Dame Florence Ann Reid was my grandmother. Her maiden name was Brumby. She was born at   Longford in Tasmania in 1867. Her fore bearer James Brumby, sailed to Tasmania in the early 1800’s from the United Kingdom and settled there.  When quite young, she was an active member of the Woman’s Federal League whose members were working very hard to bring about a federation system in Australia. She was also very concerned for the original inhabitants of Australia, the Aborigines who had lived in harmony with nature for many millennia. As a teenager I was able to read many of her notebooks, diaries and letters recovered from my parents’ house  in Sydney. So, looking back 100 years, one sees in these items, how three key events of 1917 changed the world – America’s entry into World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution and the issuance of the Balfour Declaration, in which Britain indicated support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The decision was made public in a letter from the British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild (now termed the Balfour declaration). A copy of this letter was in a box in the attic since my grandfather had received a copy. The following is the content of the letter: Foreign Office November 2nd, 1917 Dear Lord Rothschild, I have much pleasure in conveying to you on...

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