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Chan Han Choi should be congratulated.

This comment was first posted on The Conversation on 20th December 2017 in response to an article “Explainer: the charges against an Australian man accused of being an ‘economic agent’ for North Korea” by Kevin Boreham from  ANU. Australia should treat North Korea like any other country when it comes to trade. The economic sanctions against North Korea are illegitimate and aimed at preventing them from levelling the playing field regarding nuclear weapons. All nations have the sovereign right to defend themselves and North Korea is no different. The United States engages in trade involving nuclear weapons and the sale and purchase of parts for technology relating to the same. Just ask Israel. But you won’t see any US agents in Australia being prosecuted under this appallingly one-sided Weapons of Mass Destruction Act. Why. Because Australia is not just a signatory to the UN; it is a proxy for US foreign policy and that means preventing North Korea from being able to deter US aggression, like we have seen in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Well done Sir. You can hold your head high. Adam Bonner Brogo,...

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Report on Migrant Settlement Outcomes

The Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) said today that it welcomed any recommendations of a Federal Parliamentary inquiry into migrant settlement outcomes which supported, encouraged and resourced the greater participation of migrant youth in Australian society. The Chairperson of FECCA, Ms Mary Patetsos, said that FECCA endorsed recommendations in a report by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration for an improved Adult Migrant English Program and for the funding of a migrant youth mentoring scheme focused on sport and the arts. “These are positive initiatives,” Ms Patetsos said. “We also welcome the recommendation that the Jobactive program include an employment support service specifically designed for newly arrived and longer term migrants.” “And the suggestion that support programs for newly arrived youth such as Youth Transition Support should be rolled out nationally is a good one.” However, Ms Patetsos said, FECCA was disappointed by sections of the report which place undue emphasis on crimes committed by young people born overseas. “The attempt to present certain ethnicities or cultural groups as having increased criminal tendencies is unfortunate and without basis.” “The widely-acclaimed success of Australia’s multicultural, diverse society is due to long-standing policies which include, embrace and support new migrants, rather than punitive measures.” “Indeed, Victorian Police, at their most senior level, have dismissed one so-called ‘migrant gang’ as a ‘non-entity’”, Ms Patetsos said. You can access the...

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Top Tweets #MelbourneBitesBack

Melburnians, if eating out tonight despite #Dutton‘s scaremongering, photograph your meal. Tag it #MelbourneBitesBack Send it to @PeterDutton_MP#HelpGetUpGetDuttonBeforeDuttonGetsGetUp #auspol #LNPFail — Mike Fitzsimon (@MikeFitzAU) January 3, 2018 Melbournians are NOT afraid to go anywhere. Our city is fabulous. Our rich, multicultural society is vibrant and alive. I love our home and the tapestry of people who fill it, night after night. This is pure dog-whistle territory, .@PeterDutton_MP #MelbourneBitesBack — Nicole Hayes 🌈 📚 🏉 (@nichmelbourne) January 3, 2018 @PeterDutton_MP Melburnians are far more scared of getting a bad coffee than ‘gangs’. Take your racist dog whistling and get right in the bin #MelbourneBitesBack — Catherine Strong (@hellharpy) January 3, 2018 I reckon a great way for #melbournebitesback to celebrate our diversity could be for everyone to enjoy an incredible African meal in #footscray. You’ll discover the best food, served with love, day and night #melbswest — Katie Hall 🙋🏻‍♀️🌈 (@Katie_Footscray) January 3, 2018 Hey @PeterDutton_MP just did a walk with my terrier in #Fawkner: no sign of any gangs, but did see devout Muslims going to mosque, some women in hijab out for a walk, kid on a bike. We have nice Afghan and Indian restaurants at Major Rd shops #MelbourneBitesBack #iloveFawkner — John Englart EAM (@takvera) January 3, 2018 Well, this is working out well, hey @TurnbullMalcolm , @PeterDutton_MP , @MatthewGuyMP ? #MelbourneBitesBack — Dude...

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Is Minder the Halal Tinder? Minder App Review

The app is described as dedicated to helping connect progressive, smart, fun, and interesting Muslims with each other, saying its efficient, safe and fun. Their tag line is “The place for awesome Muslims to meet. Swipe. Match. Marry.” With over 250 000 users world wide, and over 100 000 matches made (according to their website), its no secret that Muslims are looking online phone apps to look for their partner. The app is designed similar to tinder where people can anonymously swipe profiles and are only matched when both people show interest. Whilst the app has received many positive reviews,...

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Froggy Leaps into Quality Tuition Service

Froggy Tuition Centre covers a significant need in the Muslim community for a quality tuition service. The business is a family owned and operated education centre specialising in English and Maths Tuition for Pre Kindy to Year 10 students. Froggy prides itself I applying Islamic principles which is exemplified by their caring nature and character towards parent and students alike. Froggy delivers exceptional education programs developed with a student-centred approach. They teach Islamic tenets and beliefs to their students to ensure the Five Pillars of Islam program, a Hajj awareness program, a Ramadan Awareness and Islamic studies Froggy has...

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