Author: Aisha Mohsin

“The Big Anxiety” showcased in Auburn and Fairfield

The University of New South Wales has introduced a novel social project that brings together the artists, designers, technical innovators, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health experts to create a cultural festival on a massive scale – one that addresses mental health as a collective, social responsibility.  The initiative “The Big Anxiety- We Are All Affected” as the name suggests, prioritises issues targeting to address anxiety within and around Australian Muslim communities by invoking difficult conversations, exerting art’s capacity to build connections through empathy and collaboratively channelling the societal behaviour to stop the continuation of stress and strains of everyday life. The project is being showcased in the form of an exhibition from 21 September to 11 November 2017 open from 10am to 4pm at the Auburn Peacock Gallery as well as at the Fairfield Gallery and Museum. Amidst photography, video installation, sculpture, ceramics and interactive media, a series of workshops are being staged. The quality of a society is largely determined by how much importance the society places on the arts. Keeping in mind the educationally critical, socially essential & aesthetically pleasurable benefits art brings to any society, we all need to work together to contribute to our values reflected through diverse expressions of arts & culture. Given below are two thoughtful reflections of two of the Australian Muslim artists featured at the exhibition. “We Are All Affected was the...

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Backpacker Medics – Restoring Faith in Humanity

The world these days has seemingly descended into gloominess and endless suffering. With each flicker of a news channels, the stories of how humanity is in chaos batters away at our faith in humanity. As I sit in the comfort of my home writing these words, there are hundreds of Rohingya people in Myanmar getting killed. What could be more tragic than to witness everything you ever loved being blown out? That the violence has been going on for a while with no stops to the flow of refugees makes us wonder when will we get our act together...

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“Visualise failing, not success.”

There’s this one thing I do when I’m looking for inspiration; I read quotes.  Sometimes, if a quote doesn’t make sense to me, I write it down and reflect on it later – much like the quote I started my post with, by Chris Hadfield. I kept coming back to it time and again because honestly at first, I didn’t quite get what the author actually meant. This quote sounds slightly unusual, right? I mean everyone tells you to visualise yourself on a higher level. Something more, something bigger than yourself. Strive. Hustle. Push the limits. Imagine. Dream. Whereas...

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Three lessons from Spider webs

As cooler weather conditions are busy making their way towards Melbourne, more and more spider webs can be seen. It’s surprising how even the baby spiders are drifting along weaving webs so effortlessly. Even as I bulldozed their newly designed colonies away, I was humbled by the lessons they had to offer!  For what seemed like an easy task took a little more than an hour because of the abundance of pesky sticky threads behind the shoe rack at the entranceway, on my plants, alongside driveway, I mean nearly everywhere ..! In my haste to tidy up, I unconsciously glanced at the garage door and couldn’t help but visualise the sheer amount of possessions sitting in cargo boxes waiting to see some daylight! I wonder is it just me or does every parent have this thing for their kids’ old toys, clothing items, and books? I mean would you believe that I actually paid a good amount of cash to have those belongings shipped to Australia two years ago?! I feel our old possessions aren’t just mere possessions, they serve as a tiny window to our sweet memories, they are home to our DNA. They even breathe our fingerprints. I think I’m not ready to let go of all that just yet. I don’t know about the future though. One day I might decide to scale it down by...

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Effulgence: A Brilliant Radiance

It’s one of those days when you’ve a flurry of thoughts but when you try to pen them down, your mind just wanders off. How hard it would be to deal with feelings you can’t find words to express!? It makes me wonder. Thoughts can be weird at times; too strong to be stuffed into one post yet purposeless to be discussed,  but there’s comfort in imagining that there are so many people out there who can relate to us. There are way too many similarities in our hearts that keep us connected than the differences in our minds that divide us. Thank you for...

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november, 2017

22nov10:30 am- 1:30 pmLadies High Tea For Rohingya

23nov7:30 pm- 10:30 pmSounds of Light PerthCharity Concert

24nov6:30 pm- 9:30 pmSounds of Light AdelaideCharity Concert

25nov6:00 pm- 9:00 pmSounds of Light SydneyCharity Concert

26nov3:30 pm- 6:30 pmSounds of Light MelbourneCharity Concert

27nov7:00 pm- 10:00 pmSounds of Light BrisbaneCharity Concert

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