Author: Ahmed Bassal

To Condemn or Not To Condemn? It doesn’t matter

Every time people are murdered somewhere in the world by a Muslim, we go through a similar process internally within the Muslim community.   First we see and hear the attack, and feel a heavy weight on our chest, in our gut, and we think “Not again…” We might even stop reading the news, change the channel, or put down our smart device if we don’t want to deal with the news then and there. As we venture out into the world, going about our daily lives, we catch more glimpses, hear more sound bites of what’s going on. Eventually we realise we...

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Trends in Daawah work

There are various groups and organisations around Australia who have taken on a very special task, Daawah, of being the ones to aid the transition of human beings towards Islam.  They are the people who make themselves available to teach people about Islam, help them to take their “Shahada” and enter Islam, and then help them to learn to function as practising Muslims. They play a very important part in the value-chain of “Daawah”. There are others who come before them, those who give general lectures about Islam to large groups, or make those lectures available online. Those who...

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Rebuilding of Gaza

In recent months we have seen shocking attacks on the population of Gaza, Palestine. Human Appeal International Australia has been connected to our brothers and sisters in Palestine, as we have two offices in Palestine. One office in the West Bank, and the second in Gaza. Through this live link to what is happening on the ground, we are well placed to act fast and respond to the needs of victims in a very short timeframe. In addition to financial and medical aid, Human Appeal is also at the forefront of innovation, creating new ways to support the victims...

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