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Sheikh Shady sues Newscorp

In a press release dated 16 June 2017, the Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) says that a defamation case has been launched by the ANIC President against  Newscorp. ANIC President, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman has commenced legal action against Nationwide News Pty Limited in the Federal Court of Australia for defamation. “Nationwide News, in June 2016 published articles carrying several highly defamatory and completely false imputations alleging, among other matters, that the Sheikh preached hate towards others,” Sheikh Shady said. He said that he was highly disappointed by Nationwide News’ repeated attempts to maliciously defame him in several articles published...

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Fake Sheikh Tawhidi exposed, banned by Facebook

The self-styled “Imam” Mohammad Tawhidi has been exposed on ABC Media Watch Episode 15 aired on Monday 22 May 2017. However, he continues to enjoy the status of being the darling of the conservative media who widely air his Islamophobic rants. Media Watch concluded, “Now we’re not saying Tawhidi has no right to his opinions. But the media really should not be giving him a megaphone. Nor should they be presenting him as a voice of reason and the Imam of Peace, when it’s clear that some of his views are divisive, offensive, abusive and just plain crazy.” Ironically...

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Ongoing turmoil in Kashmir

Kashmiris are undergoing another cycle of suffering due to the heavy handed and excessive use of force by the Indian army in handling public protests by a new generation of young people in the Kashmir valley. The BJP central government has been accused both outside and within India of going for the military option and strong-arm tactics against a political solution to the Kashmir issue, in accordance with the wishes of the people of Kashmir. The result is the vicious cycle of protests and oppression leading to further militancy, terrorism and border clashes between India and Pakistan at the...

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Qartaba Homes: Innovative Housing Solutions

With booming house and land prices in all capital cities in Australia in general and Sydney in particular, housing affordability by new migrants and young families had increasingly become out of reach during the last decade. Growing population and migration from overseas and interstate led to increased housing demand in Sydney metropolitan areas. Extra ordinary increase in rents and fluctuating interest rates proved to be a great barrier to housing affordability. A group of entrepreneurs devised an innovative solution to the housing affordability problem by initiating to provide alternative to the mortgage based existing housing solution by establishing ‘First...

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Dutton under heavy criticism

The Minster for Immigration, Peter Dutton has been heavily criticised for his comments that it was a mistake to admit Muslim Lebanese during the early seventies from war-torn Lebanon. The state member for Lakemba and Shadow Minister of Education Jihad Dib commented ‘I am part of the so-called mistakes’. Mr Dib arrived in Australia as a young child during the early 1970’s from war-torn Lebanon. Mr Dutton’s exact words during an interview by Andrew Bolt, a right-wing columnist on Sky News were “Well clearly, Andrew, if there is a particular problem that people can point to within a certain...

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