Author: Abdul Malik Mujahid

Rohingyas: The Tula Toli Massacre in Burma

On the morning of 30 August 2017, Shahidul Amin was already in the forest cutting wood when, around 8 am, his wife Hasina Begum saw Burmese military helicopters landing. This was the beginning of the massacre of Tula Toli, a peaceful village set in a beautiful lush green hilly area and surrounded on three sides by a rapidly flowing mountain river. Badiur Rahman, former chair of the village council, told me that until that fateful day the village had been home to more than 3,000 Rohingya Muslims, primarily subsistence rice and chili pepper farmers. The village also housed about...

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Why many young American Muslims plan to leave US

I met an American six-grader who wanted to leave the United States. I was speaking about fighting Islamophobia in Columbus, Ohio mosque earlier this year, when a father pulled me aside, asking me to speak to his son in private. The boy told me he wanted to leave the U.S., but that he still hopes to come back after four years. No doubt he was anticipating that President Donald Trump wouldn’t be serving a second term. When his father asked him not share his plans in the school, the child told him that all of the kids at school...

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Muslim registry: an attack on Accessible America

They say immigrants fall in love with America because of opportunity. I fell in love with it because of accessibility.  As a young father, moving to America wasn’t something I was considering when I first visited Chicago. In Pakistan, I had a fancier car, a nicer home, and a solid support network of extended family and friends. My wife and I were happy, and looked forward to a good future for our children. But walking around Chicago, I kept noticing that the sidewalks would sometimes become small, smoothly paved ramps. I couldn’t understand why, until I asked one of...

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Muslims must engage with mass media

I will never forget this conversation. An award-winning writer was working for a top American newspaper. I don’t remember why I ended up giving her a ride, but I remember that she kept asking me why Muslims don’t respond to media coverage. She said that each time she wrote a positive story about Muslims, her paper received hundreds of emails, letters, and calls in protest while receiving hardly any appreciation. Her bosses didn’t like that, and it was counted against her. She was eventually let go from that publication. Another award-winning journalist, with no relation to the writer mentioned...

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9/11 brought Americans together, but now…

9/11 once united America. We cried together. We prayed together. We cornered bigots together. In that spirit of unity, the approval rating of Muslims actually went up after 9/11. However, that unity was somehow lost. America today is highly divided. Hate, fear and anger are rising. President Obama receives 400% more death threats than President Bush ever did, hate groups are all time high, armed militias have doubled, and 25 million Americans have purchased arms in 2015 as compared to about 1 million eight years ago.  And the approval rating of Muslims is the lowest it’s ever been. Only...

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