When I was approached to be part of the Neutriderm Campaign I was so excited to be a Hijabi representative! I wanted to show that there are plenty of Muslim women out there that love to take extra care of themselves, hair and beauty regime.

As a Muslim hijabi women, being part of an Australian Campaign was great as I’ve felt a sense of inclusivity and belonging.


On the day of the photoshoot I was able to meet wonderful influencers whom held a strong passion towards skin care. We had conversations about the different products used and discussed which worked for us.

We realised that the product itself catered to diverse skin types just as the campaign promoted cultural diversity!

The Neutroderm Campaign is being featured on different social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. It has also been featured on Australian TV such as 9Now, SBS, etc.

@neutriderm_australia interviewed me on set asking about not only how I take care of myself from the outside but also from the inside!

Lara Hawwash being interviewed by NEUTRIDERM_AUSTRALIA and SUBLIMEAUSTRALIA

We emphasised the importance of taking care of our mental health so that the external care can come about with utter love and gentleness.

I personally take care of my skin by drinking plenty of water and using natural skin care products. I have been using the Neutriderm moisturising lotion and I love it, as it has kept my skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Lara Hawwash and Farza Bilal in the NEUTRIDERM_AUSTRALIA campaign

I feel my presence in the campaign brought about a positive feedback. As many Muslim Australian women shared the Ad with me, they were pleasantly happy to view a hijabi figure on the screen to allow them to feel a sense of inclusivity.

One message I’ve always sent my followers is that no matter what they want to do, they can do it if they put their hearts to it.

So if theirs any person who has a goal or passion I highly recommend you do it with your head held high, and remember you are beautiful, and nothing can stop you from doing what you love.