The French President agrees it’s a genocide. The Bangladesh Foreign Minister says it is a genocide.

Moreover, the before-and-after satellite images document that it is a genocide. 214 Rohingya villages, that is 50% of all villages, are burned to ashes and more being burnt now.

What happened to the people of these villages?

I know. I met some of them just today as I write to you from the border of Bangladesh and Burma.

Most in the world do not know it yet. An almost complete massacre took place there. Hundreds, and some say thousands, were killed.

Since the burning of Rohingya villages and shooting of people was going on in close by villages, the village Mayor assured them it will not happen in Tula Koli. Some were told that only their houses would be burned, but no one would be killed (so nice of them, right?).

The very next day of Mayor’s assurance, helicopters came, the army landed, all were asked to assemble as military unleashed hell. Those assembled were shot as their homes burned.

All were killed but some. I met the survivors at the border.

Noor Muhammad, lost everyone. Parents, brothers, and sisters. He is only 16. He showed me photos of 3 of his nieces, all killed with their parents. He stood silent with a blank face. Only when I hugged him that he cried. His heart was beating so fast that my chest felt it. I hope your heart does too.

It is nothing but genocide.

Symbolic actions and statements are useless. They will not save lives. The world must interfere NOW to stop it.